About Obayashi


Business Units

Building Construction Business

Obayashi responds to the diverse needs of its customers in sales, construction, and technological development, from building energy-saving and environment-friendly offices, high-productivity plants, and hospitals and schools incorporating earthquake-resistant and disaster-prevention technologies, to the preservation and restoration of cultural properties.
All departments—sales, design, mechanical and electrical, purchasing, construction, and technology development—work as a single unit to execute projects. With its experience, technological expertise and management resources, Obayashi delivers high value-added proposals to clients in a speedy and efficient manner.

Civil Engineering Business

Obayashi applies its technological prowess to a wide variety of civil engineering projects including tunnels, bridges, dams, river works, urban infrastructure and railroads. The Group is also aggressively involved in environment-related fields and has proven track records in construction of environment-friendly closed-type waste disposal facilities and soil remediation projects, among other project types.
Obayashi satisfies customers' exact needs through solution-based technical marketing in which sales, technology, construction, and research and development departments work together to achieve maximum efficiency.

Real Estate Business

In its real estate business, Obayashi is actively involved in redevelopment projects all across Japan and has compiled an extensive track record as a project partner and specified agent. Obayashi continues to be engaged in large-scale development while drawing on expertise gained from past projects and experience. Obayashi also owns prime rental properties in good, mainly urban areas, and provides safe, secure and comfortable spaces to tenants.

Other Businesses

Obayashi is involved in renewable energy, private finance initiatives (PFI), and golf course operation. Obayashi was one of the first major Japanese construction companies to enter the renewable energy business in July 2012, and is expanding solar power generation to 120 megawatts within the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017. Moreover, Obayashi was an early participant in PFI projects, such as the Sydney Olympics Main Stadium, and has established ourselves as a leading company in PFI.

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