Quality Management System

Obayashi has implemented a quality management system (QMS) conforming to ISO 9001, under which we practice integrated quality management with a commitment to continuous quality improvement, at all stages from planning to design, construction, and after-sales services.

Quality management system (QMS)

The superintendents of QMS receive reports from QMS officers at the head office and each branch, as well as making visiting inspections. Through these reports and inspections, the superintendents regularly confirm that the QMS is appropriate and effective.
Based on the results of these confirmations, the superintendents of QMS work to disseminate policies and promote our QM measures.

QMS Promotion Framework

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Application of ICT

Use of BIM

We utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the building construction field to construct computer-based models of buildings, as a visualization technique. The models integrate three-dimensional form information as well as information on material and component specifications and attribute such as costs and finishing.

Use of Tablets

We have been providing tablets to on-site engineers managing construction since 2012. They contain lots of information needed for on-site management, such as blueprints and specification sheets. Other important data not stored on the tablets can be confirmed quickly via download from cloud-based servers when needed.
The tablets also enable inspection result data to be recorded on-site through the use of an original on-site inspection support system developed in-house (inspection systems for reinforcing bar arrangements, equipment, and finishing inspections).
We are creating a construction management system that takes maximum advantage of the key characteristics of tables´╝Źmobility and visual capabilities´╝Źto enable us to respond even more quickly to what is happing on-site.

Example of systems installed on tablets

Example of systems installed on tablets

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Developing Technologies that Help Resolve Social Issues

Our customers have diverse needs centering on elevated levels of safety and security, environmental awareness, and comfort and convenience, and we consider it important to meet these needs at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest possible time. We are constantly striving to identify our customers' problems and the technologies needed to resolve them. We also seek to determine how these technologies can be put to use in righting social issues. With these things in mind, we strive to make optimum proposals to customers and develop the technologies for making them possible.

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