Promotion of CSR Procurement

Initiatives down the entire supply chain are essential for a company to fulfill its social responsibilities through business activities. With this in mind, the Obayashi Group CSR Procurement Guidelines were established in June 2011. The guidelines apply to all of Obayashi Group's suppliers.
The guidelines are published on our website. The most important of the nine sections of the guidelines are stipulated in contracts concluded with suppliers and checked when the contracts are made.

Obayashi Group CSR Procurement Guidelines

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Support for Various Educational and Training Sessions

Support for various educational and training sessions

Obayashi is working with suppliers to improve safety and health, through such methods as safety patrols and safety and health training sessions. We provide support to develop and enhance management systems, with the aim of improving suppliers' autonomous safety and health management abilities.
We also support suppliers in other ways by providing information and training seminars for supplier management teams on subjects ranging from health and safety to regulatory compliance.

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Initiatives to Secure Human Resources

Certification Programs (Excellent Site Supervisor, Excellent Operator)

In recent years, the construction industry has been confronted with the problem of a shortage of skilled workers. This is due to the aging workforce and a decline in younger recruits and retention rates.
We introduced the Obayashi Excellent Site Supervisor Certification Program aiming to raise the motivation of young skilled workers. Under the system, we began certifying and raising the pay of particularly exceptional supervisors. In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, 330 supervisors were certified, an increase of 93 from the previous fiscal year.
We have been working to increase the scope of the system. The number of applicable occupational categories and the eligible age limit was expanded. Now we provide 25 categories for skilled workers up to 65 years old.
Recognizing the growing importance of crane operators, we have also launched a similar program, "Obayashi Excellent Operator Certification Program" in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, offering certification and higher pay for outstanding crane operators. So far, 16 operators have been certified in the first year of this program.

Obayashi Rin-yu-kai Vacational School

In April 2014, we opened a vocational training school to nurture skilled workers and pass on their expert skills to future generations. This school is certified by the Tokyo metropolitan government to implement a Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare program as a regional organization conducting occupational training.
Employees from Obayashi and our suppliers serve as lecturers, enhancing the skills of younger workers.
The school offers three courses: scaffolding, ferro-concrete reinforcement, and formwork.
Trainees spend two months acquiring critical construction knowledge and technical skills necessary for construction worksites, including safety management and computer-assisted design (CAD).
As of March 31, 2016, 45 workers have completed the training and putting their skills to use at construction sites.
Furthermore, we have newly established a course for mid-level skilled workers in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, looking to broaden the training horizons.

Creation of Comfortable Work Environments

We work to create workplace conditions not only pleasant for diverse personnel, including young, old and female construction skilled workers, but also attractive to young people considering a career in construction.

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