BIM Timeline

  1. 2008
  2. 2009
  3. 2010
  4. 2011
  5. 2012
  6. 2013
  7. 2014
  8. 2015
  9. 2016
  10. 2017
  11. 2018
  12. 2019
  13. 2020
  14. 2021

External trends

  1. First year of BIM in Japan
  1. Inauguration of JFCC’s dedicated BIM Subcommittee
  1. AIJ’s First BIM Symposium
  1. First Issuance of Construction BIM Style 2014 (yearly) 
  1. MLIT Minister’s Secretariat Engineering Affairs Division “General Meeting to Establish i-Construction Promotion Consortium”
  1. First Multi BIM Round Table
  1. Publication of Guidelines (First Edition)
  1. AIJ BIM Day 2021 Symposium “Redefining BIM: What Is BIM Exactly?”

Obayashi Corporation’s Initiatives

1. Organizational Transition

  1. R&D Team
  2. BIM Promotion Department, Building Construction Division
  3. PD Center, Building Construction Division
  4. Building Construction Division
    iPD Center
  5. iPD Center, Digital Integration Division

R&D Team related to integrated use from design to production based on 3D modeling

Establishment of the BIM Promotion Department, Building Construction Division from the R&D team

Set up Production BIM Management & Administration Section at all branches

Inauguration of Obayashi Singapore BIM Promotion Team

Deployed BIM at Taiwan Obayashi

Set up BIM Management & Administration Section at the Architectural Design & Engineering Division

Set up BIM Management Section at all branches

Deployment of external modeling partners

Globalization of organization by appointing international staff

Integration into Digital Integration Division

2. BIM Foundation

BIM software trial testing/selection period

Integration of design and construction via multi-platform (separate BMI software for each of architecture/structure/facilities sectors)

Integration of design and construction via One-model (general purpose BIM software) according to standard rules (SBS)

3. BIM Awareness Education

  1. Outline of BIM Management level
  2. Building Construction BIM Foundational Training【ArchiCAD/Revit】
  1. New hires or young staff split by duties in the building construction business/developing personnel for construction and production BIM【ArchiCAD/TeklaStructures】,
    responding to projects【Revit】
  2. Young and mid-career staff/new hires in the Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Department 【Tfas】
  1. New construction hires/young staff in the Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Department【Revit】
  2. Young and mid-career staff/new hires in the Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Department【Tfas】
  1. Young construction staff【Revit】
  2. New facilities hires【Rebro】
  3. Training at iPD Center [Staff, staff of partner companies, dispatch staff] 【Revit】
  1. New facilities hires【Revit/Rebro】

The square brackets contain the BIM software names used for training.

4. Dispatching BIM Information

Dispatching BIM-related information internally and externally via a dedicated BIM mailing list

Dispatching BIM-related information internally and externally from accumulation data transmission system “ Katsubun

Division HP BIMNavi first edition
Internal dissemination of BIM

Division HP BIMNavi revised first edition
Dispatching practical use approaches via multi-platform

Division HP BIMNavi revised second edition
Dissemination of One-model internally/dispatching practical use approaches

5. Improvement of BIM-Related ICT Environment Main R&D

64-bit BIM machines Built with NEC

Obayashi Corporation/NEC/Graphisoft Conclusion of alliance to build “Smart BIM Cloud”

Completion of “ Smart BIM Cloud ”, deployment across all branches

BIM calculation by estimation DB

BIM Building Maintenance

BIM FM Business, Development of BIMobile

Maintenance Management Facilities BIM, Development of BIMWill

Use of BIM in construction

Introduction and deployment of Tekla Structures as structural BIM software

Introduction and deployment of dedicated steel beam software (FAST Hybrid/Real4/KAP)

Introduction and deployment of CADWe’ll Tfas as facilities BIM software

Standardization of 64-bit BIM machines internally, Measures for early replacement

Introduction of Tekla Model Sharing

Introduction and deployment of point cloud processing software (InfiPoints/RealWorks)

Conclusion of EBA contract with Autodesk Ltd.

Changing direction toward One-model strategy

6. Number of New BIM Projects*Categorized by fiscal year in which construction started

  1. 150
  2. 100
  3. 50
  4. 0
  1. 109

  1. 111

  1. 128

  1. 85

  1. 92

  1. 98

  1. 58

  1. 54

  1. 62

  1. 17

  1. 36

7. Main Projects Using BIM*Narrowed down to projects disclosed in other sections, such as Business History/Special Features

BIM software trial testing/selection period

Era of sub-optimal BIM

Era of integrated use of BIM

  1. oak omotesando
  2. Kanagawa Cancer Center Construction and Operation Project
  1. LucasFilm Building, Proposed Erection of Nine-Story Business Park (with WhiteZone) Development with Two Basements (Singapore)
  2. Taipei Dome New Construction (Taiwan)
  3. Technology Research Institute Multipurpose Laboratory 2
  1. Ophir Rochor Mixed Development Project (Singapore)
  1. The Sumida Hokusai Museum
  1. Tokyo Aquatics Centre
  1. Osaka Minato Central Hospital
  1. ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO, New Ballpark for Hokkaido
  2. OY Project


Obayashi Corporation has made it company policy to manage projects with BIM as the foundation. One-model is not simply 3D models; it integrates architectural design, structural design, engineering design, and production design data on a single platform.


Training at iPD Center

On-the-job BIM training received through short-term enrollment at the iPD Center



A business package application that has been installed for handling BIM-related inquiries



A portal site for dispatching BIM-related information internally


Smart BIM Cloud

A secure cloud service for BIM project staff to share information



A building maintenance management mobile tool that uses BIM



A platform integrating building information