Overseas Businesses

Accelerating globalization with our credibility and technological abilities

We have a proven track record in numerous overseas projects, such as Taiwan High Speed Rail and Colorado River Bridge at Hoover Dam, underscored by our world-renowned technological capabilities such as seismic resistance and shield tunneling construction methods.

We also provide safety, security, and comfort to people's lives in developing nations through construction of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and schools. We can offer customers optimal buildings and structures with our global network and half-century of experience overseas, especially in North America, Asia and Oceania.

Business Policy

  • Seek to maximize profits by promoting further localization in areas where Obayashi has expanded, increasing quality and safety management using ICT, and conducting technology and personnel exchanges.
  • Strengthen the business platform and build the organization to support further global development of the construction business and diversification of the earnings bases at overseas bases.
  • Overseas Construction
    Strengthen earnings capability and expand business domains by collaborating with local partners and developing global human resources.
  • Overseas Civil Engineering
    Stabilize business earnings by promoting business strategies tailored to regional characteristics and strengthening coordination between Japan and overseas.

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Business Environment

  • Increase in business opportunities driven by increase in demand for food, energy, and infrastructure in step with population growth and economic development, primarily in emerging countries.
  • Strong investment in urban development and infrastructure in the regions where the Obayashi Group has expanded, including Southeast Asia, North America, and Oceania.

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Business Strategies

We will keep advancing the overseas construction business and working to raise profitability.Business development strongly rooted in each country and region is key to achieving our targets. From the perspectives of selection and concentration of management resources and risk management, our policy is to focus on developing business in regions where legal systems, business practices, and socio-economic infrastructure have been established to a certain extent and political and security risks are relatively low.

In building construction, we aim to expand orders from local clients in Southeast Asia based on our Networks there. Additionally, we will train locally hired staff as candidates for future management positions and promote further localization at local affiliates. In North America and Oceania, we will actively work to win orders through local Group companies and partnerships with local companies and strive for market expansion.

In civil engineering, we are handling numerous large-scale infrastructure projects requiring strong technological skills in the regions where we are implementing business strategies. With our credibility, technological abilities, and large-sale project management capabilities, we are targeting further growth in infrastructure fields through local Group companies and partnerships with local companies in the same way as the building construction business.

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