Keep Towers
Restoration Project

The History of Kumamoto Castle


1877Burned down during the Satsuma Rebellion


01 Larger keep tower
02 Steel-frame work
03 Full view

April 2016The 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes

・Maximum seismic intensity : 7
・Magnitude : 7.3
・Collapsed houses:8,298 (FDMA, 27th October 2016)
Kumamoto Castle immediately
after the earthquake
The collapse of the stone wall
of the small keep tower


May - July 2016

"Iron arm" supporting
Kumamoto Castle
“Iron arm” supports
Kumamoto castle
to prevent it from collapsing
  • A frame was assembled above the castle to cover it and an “iron arm” was inserted beneath with beams to receive the load.
  • Construction period : about 2 months
  • Length:33m, height:14m, width:6m, Weight:220t

2016 - 2019

Remote control device
for heavy machinery
  • Device that remotely controls heavy machinery
  • Attach device to the cockpit of a general backhoe
  • Collect fallen stones safely by remote control
  • 581 fallen stones and all cobblestone collected


March - June 2019

Improving earthquake
resistance of stone wall
  • Improve seismic performance of stone wall without damaging stones.
  • Improve and reinforce the meshing effect of stones with a diameter of 100~300mm inside the stone wall.
  • It is a sheet material in which polyethylene bands and stainless-steel rods are joined in a grid pattern.
  • It was applied to 177m2 of stone wall at the entrance of the small keep tower.

April 2018 - August 2020

Cross Damper
Combination of brake
damper and oil damper
  • Improve seismic performance and provide a damping effect with a small footprint.
  • Provide a damping effect from small and medium-sized earthquakes to large earthquakes.
  • 18 Cross dampers are set in the keep towers.

March 2021

Restoration of the keep towers are completed

2037Expected completion of restoration of the entire castle