Analytical Technologies

Long-period Ground
Motion Simulation

Wave propagation simulation
of Nankai Trough Earthquake

Seismic motion is evaluated with high accuracy by modeling the irregular shape of deep ground over a wide area.

  • Predict Long-period motion for the safety of high-rise buildings
  • Calculate propagation of seismic waves over large area
  • Consider deep ground soil structure

Tsunami Simulation/
Evacuation Simulation

12 minutes after an earthquake

The tsunami run-up and the evacuation of local residents are simulated at the same time.

  • Tsunami simulation provides inundation depth with arrival time of wave
  • Evacuation simulation is based on a multi-agent syste
  • The run-up of the tsunami and the evacuation of local residents are shown as an animation.

Tsunami Simulation


Tsunami Evacuation Simulation



170,000 nodes in this model
(500,000 nodes maximum)

FINAL-GEO® is an FEM analysis program that precisely reproduces the destructive behavior of structures.

  • Consider the non-linearity of both structures and soil
  • Analyze large 3-dimensional models at high speed
  • Original material model allows consideration of cracks, crushing, rebar yield, etc. in reinforced concrete

Dynamic Soil-Structure

Structure model of centrifugal experiment

This analysis evaluates the interaction effect of soil and structures such as piles.

  • Evaluate ground amplification caused by inclined supporting ground
  • Assess stress generated in piles with different pile lengths
  • Estimate twist response of foundation and structure