Seismic Protection

3Q Series

Quiet, Quick, and high-Quality
retrofitting technique

The 3Q-Wall® seismic retrofitting method adds shear walls using small blocks.
The 3Q-Brace® seismic retrofitting method uses RC braces with divided steel tubes as formworks.

  • Retrofit buildings while occupants live in them.
  • Low noise and vibration during construction.
  • Reduce fire risk by eliminating welding.
  • Workable in small spaces.

Cross Damper

Combination of brake damper
and oil damper

The cross damper combines and locates a brake damper and an oil damper with different functions in one frame of the building, ensuring seismic performance and damping effect.

  • Improve seismic performance and provide a damping effect with a small footprint.
  • Provide a damping effect from small and medium-sized earthquakes to large earthquakes.
  • Can prevent twisting of the column during earthquakes because a brake damper and an oil damper are placed on the same axis.

Pair Mass Damper

Tuned mass damper
with inverted pendulum

A TMD (Tuned mass damper) with a large mass is installed at the top of a high-rise building to reduce seismic response by allowing the mass to move with large amplitude.

  • Combination of a pendulum and an inverted pendulum reduces the height necessary for installation and makes adjustment of its natural period easier.
  • Seismic retrofit of high-rise buildings can be carried out within a small space and while in-use.
  • Safety against unexpected large earthquakes is ensured by installing TMD on the original FS (fail safe) system.

Brake damper
-Tension Brace Type-

Damping brace applicable
to small space

Brake damper -tension brace type- is a damping brace developed from Obayashi Corporation’s original "Brake damper" technology.
A square frame with brake dampers is installed at the center of four tensile braces.

  • Transfer friction force to frames only through tension to make components slim.
  • Suitable for seismic retrofit of low-rise buildings such as factories with slim structural components and narrow installation space.
  • Will not collapse and will remain stable with a high damping effect for repetitive earthquakes.