Amazing world of tunnels

Learn more about the tunnels that are indispensable to our lives!

Meet amazing machinesHeavy machinery and
equipment used to build tunnels

A quick look at the heavy machinery and equipment used for tunnel work

Drill Jumbo

For drilling (digging small holes) in hard rocks


For excavation of bedrocks and soils

Shotcreting machine

For spraying concrete on the tunnel walls

Steel support erector

For erecting steel support to reinforce the excavated tunnel.


For crushing rocks and concrete


For placing excavated rocks onto a dump truck or into a crusher

Tunnel lining form

A formwork used for pouring concrete on the tunnel walls

Heavy dump truck

For carrying the excavated rocks out of the tunnel

Continuous belt conveyor

For carrying the excavated rocks out of the tunnel


For crushing excavated rocks into pieces small enough for easy transportation

Batch plant

A facility where aggregate, cement, water, etc. are mixed to produce concrete

Water treatment facility

A facility to turn muddy water from the construction site into clean water

Soundproof door

A steel door to prevent the excavation noise from leaking out of the tunnel

Tent-type muck storage area

Temporary storage place for the rocks taken out of the tunnel

Ventilation line

For sending fresh air to the working face of the tunnel

Ventilation fan

For sending fresh outside air into the tunnel

Dust collector (Scrubber)

For collecting and removing dust