Amazing world of tunnels

Let's learn about shield tunnels, an essential part of our lifeline!

Meet amazing machines !Facilities and equipment for shield tunneling

A quick look at the facilities and equipment for shield tunneling

Slurry treatment facility

Excavated soil is transported with slurry to this facility where soil and water are separated. The facility is mainly used with a slurry shield machine.

Fluid transport facility

By circulating slurry, this facility transports excavated soil and slurry through pipelines to a slurry treatment facility.

Continuous belt conveyor

Excavated soil is transported to the outside of the tunnel. This facility is mainly used with an earth pressure balance shield machine.

Vertical belt conveyor

Excavated muck is transported to the ground level vertically.

Muck pit

Excavated muck is temporarily stored here at night since dump trucks do not operate at nighttime. The muck is loaded into the trucks during the day for removal.

Grout mixing plant

Backfill grouting material to be injected into the tail void between segments and bedrock is manufactured and sent out from here.

Soundproof housing

This facility reduces the noise generated by cranes and other equipment during nighttime construction.

Rail system

These are tracks for battery locomotives that transport segments and other materials.


Cranes lift and move segments and muck cars.

Muck car

Inside tunnels, muck cars transport excavated soil.