Shield Tunneling

Automated shield construction technology to save labor and improve quality

OGENTS®︎, The challenge for automated shield construction

Concept of OGENTS

Obayashi Corporation is engaged in OGENTS (Obayashi Intelligent Shield), a system that integrates and automates the six types of work processes in shield construction to save labor and improve quality.

As a first step, we are carrying out the development of an automatic survey system (OGENTS/SURVEYTM)(*1) and automated driving (Shield 3D alignment control system and Shield AI Automatic Direction Control System)(*1).
*1 Only in Japanese

Message for Future Obayashi will change the future of tunnels.

Shield tunneling has increasingly been adopted for a wide range of infrastructures, from multi-service tunnels to roads and railroads. One of the advantages is its minimal impact on the surrounding environment, with most of the construction work carried out underground.
Obayashi Corporation is currently engaged in the development of Obayashi Intelligent Shield OGENTS, a shield automation system that can be applied to any shield tunneling site.
We are committed to provide people-friendly, environment-friendly, and better-quality tunnels for more diverse applications.

General Manager, Shield Tunnel Engineering Department
Civil Engineering Technology Division
Obayashi Corporation