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Multi Mist Products Automatically Sanitize Indoor Surfaces

Obayashi Has Developed Cassette Mist™ as a New Addition to the Multi Mist® Lineup in a Portable Size, Expanding on the Applications of Multi Mist, Which Automatically Sanitizes Indoor Surfaces When Users Are Not Present

Obayashi Corporation has developed Cassette Mist to add to the lineup as a new portable version of Multi Mist, which automatically sanitizes indoor surfaces when users are not present.
People are now becoming increasingly concerned with disinfecting indoor surfaces to eliminate bacteria on furniture and fixtures to prevent infectious diseases. At more facilities, including educational facilities, people are starting to perform daily wipe-downs of surfaces to ensure safe and secure environments. However, disinfecting by wiping down surfaces is a lot of work. It also limits the area cleaned to places that can be reached by hand.
Multi Mist, which Obayashi developed in 2015, is equipment that sprays hypochlorite mixed with compressed air. It produces a fine mist that is approximately 10 μm in diameter to raise the humidity in the room to more than 80%, which is effective for disinfection (JP patent number 6661905).
It takes only about an hour to raise the humidity to an effective level, and the work can be done during hours in which people are not occupying the rooms, for example, at nighttime. Rooms can be disinfected and ready for use the following morning. Multi Mist makes it possible to effectively disinfect even small spaces that cannot be hand wiped, in a short time. In addition, it minimizes workers’ exposure to viruses and bacteria.
The effectiveness of this disinfection has been verified by a third-party organization in a study using bacteria, and the product is already in use at hospitals and preschools.

Illustration of Multi Mist Built-in in use at educational facilities

Obayashi has newly developed the small, portable Cassette Mist to be added to the product line, along with the built-in style and cart style models of Multi Mist that are already available. All products are composed of a hypochlorite container, compressor, and spray nozzle. Customers can choose products based on the use of the building and the size of space to be sanitized.

Multi Mist Built-in

This is a model for which piping for compressed air is pre-installed in the building. Multi Mist Built-in can automatically adjust the amount that is sprayed according to the humidity sensor that is attached, and it discharges leftover solution automatically after disinfecting for efficient maintenance. In addition, Multi Mist Built-in can be used for rooms of various sizes because the number of spray nozzles can be adjusted according to the size of the room.

Multi Mist Built-in with a spray nozzle attached to the ceiling

Cart style Multi Mist

Cart style Multi Mist has everything needed for operation in a carrying cart, and it can be moved anywhere. Cart style Multi Mist can be used in rooms without piping of compressed air.

Cassette Mist

Cassette Mist is a light and small model that can be used in rooms with existing piping for compressed air. It connects directly to a compressed air outlet and can be set to operate automatically with a timer.

Cart style Multi Mist
Cassette Mist

Testing lab: Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science
Method: Petri dishes with bacteria were placed in the center and four corners on the bottom of a 25-cubic-meter test chamber. The inside of the chamber was then disinfected with Multi Mist. The number of bacteria was counted after one hour.
Results: More than 99.9% of the bacteria were eliminated compared with natural decay of the bacteria. (Reports: Kitasato Report No. 2015_0211 and Kitasato Report No. 2015_1211).

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