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Technology Development

No. Fiscal year The company's technology (development, introduction, achievements, etc.)
1 2012 Clean-Crete, a Low-Carbon Concrete Which Has Expanded Its Applications to Disaster Waste Disposal Operations
2 2013 SkyJuster® for Suspended Platforms: Uses Gyroscopic Effect to Reduce Swaying of Suspended Platforms
3 2013 Kaminari Watcher Lightning Warning System
4 2015 Obayashi Develops New, More Convenient and Reliable Atsusa Shisu Watcher
Continuous Measurement and Centralized Management of WBGT Data Offer Low Cost Solution for Preventing Heat Illness
5 2016 Skirt Suction Applied to Offshore Wind Turbine (OWT) Foundations and Anchors
6 2016 Low-Cost, Long-Span Fire-Resistant Wood Construction Technology: O・Mega Wood (FR)
7 2016 SURROGATE General-Purpose Remote Control Device Which Achieves Unmanned Operation of Construction Machinery Such as Backhoes
8 2017 Failsafe System for Seismically Isolated Buildings, Seismic Isolation Fender
9 2017 “Sand-Grip Bar” High Performance Anticorrosive Rebar
10 2017 Fail-Safe Ceiling, Our Existing Ceiling Fall Prevention System
11 2017 Underwater Infrastructure Inspection Robot DIAG
12 2017 Wind Lift for Assembling Large Wind Turbines Using the Lift-up Method
13 2017 BIMWill, a Building Management System to Optimally Manage Buildings
14 2017 Using Deep Learning to Evaluate Mountain Tunnel Faces
15 2017 3D Printers Using a Special Cement Material
16 2017 Precast Deck Connection Slim Fastener
17 2018 Remote Operation Technology for Construction Machinery with Next-Generation 5G Mobile Communication System and 4K 3D Monitor
18 2018 WellnessBOX® Enhances Comfort with IoT and AI Technologies
19 2018 Asperbuster: Technology to Prevent Mold Infections in Hospital Renovation and Demolition Work
20 2018 Next Generation Automated Rebar Inspection System
21 2018 QuatroEyes® Prevents Accidents Caused by Heavy Machinery
22 2018 Bubble Silencer Reduces Noise During Demolition Work
23 2019 Our Machine Guidance System Facilitates Crane Operation
24 2019 OGENTS/SURVEY Automatic Survey System for Use in Shield Tunnels
25 2019 An Autonomous Excavator Operating System Which Automates Excavation and Soil Loading Work
26 2019 Envital, a Smartphone-Free System That Uses Wristband Vital Sensors
27 2019 Japan’s First All-Timber Fire-Resistant High-Rise Building Construction Technologies
28 2019 Composite Structure That Combines 3D Printer Mortar with Slim-Crete
29 2019 Offshore Wind Power Using Two Construction Technologies: Fixed Type and Floating Type
30 2019 Automatic Concrete Transportation System Using a Tower Crane
31 2020 Multi Mist Products Automatically Sanitize Indoor Surfaces
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