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Foreign Patent

Title Country Patent Number Date of Patent Inventors (Representative)
Method of Purifying Polluted Soil China ZL2006800047389.X Nov.7,2012 ISHIKAWA Yoji
South Korea 101284966 Jul.4,2013
Seawater-mixed Concrete, Concrete Structure Cnstructed with the Same, and Design Method of Concrete Structure Constructed with Seawater-mixed Concrete Taiwan I588115 Jun.21,2017 KANAI Makoto
Gulf Cooperation Council GC0008601 Dec.31,2018
Cement Composition Taiwan I624445 May 21,2018 IRIYA Keishiro
Cement Composition, Method for Producing Mixed Material and Method for Producing Cement Composition Indonesia IDP000059446 Jun.13,2019 IRIYA Keishiro
Water Stop Liquid Mixing Injection System, Water Stop Liquid Mixing Injection Plug, and Water Stop Method for Cement Composition Structure Taiwan I644721 Dec.21,2018 KATAOKA Hiroyasu
Aqueous Emulsion and Water Stop Construction Method Taiwan I677568 Nov.21,2019 KATAOKA Hiroyasu
Bearer United States of America D894645 Sep.1,2020 OHMOTO Eri
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