Business Overview

We will deepen and expand our business domains, and accelerate globalization centered on strengthening the four existing pillars, and continue to grow beyond the framework of a general contractor.

Building Construction

We provide all types of buildings such as offices, condominiums, commercial facilities, factories, hospitals and schools that meet diverse needs including reduced environmental load and energy conservation, comfort and convenience as well as seismic resistance and disaster readiness for securing business continuity.

Civil Engineering

We build infrastructure essential to people’s lives, such as tunnels, bridges, dams, riverbanks, railroads, and expressways. In doing so, we contribute to making an abundant society and ensuring safety and security for everyone.

Real Estate Development

We develop and own excellent leasing properties in prime locations, primarily in metropolitan areas. In the urban redevelopment business, we have experience in numerous projects as a project partner and specified agent.

New Businesses

We promote renewable energy, PPP and agriculture businesses.