Business Overview

We will deepen and expand our business domains, and accelerate globalization centered on strengthening the four existing pillars, and continue to grow beyond the framework of a general contractor.

Domestic Construction Business (Building Construction)

We provide all kinds of buildings---offices, condominiums, commercial facilities, factories, hospitals, schools, and more---for the varied needs of our customers and society. We have completed many projects emblematic of the era and culture.

Domestic Construction Business (Civil Engineering)

We contribute to a safer, more secure, and richer society by constructing the infrastructure our lives depend on: tunnels, bridges, dams, river works, urban civil engineering structures, railroads, expressways, and more.

Overseas Construction Business

We are expanding our building construction and civil engineering businesses in Southeast Asia, North America, and Oceania with our Group companies that are rooted in the various countries and regions at the core, supporting the livelihoods of local citizens through construction of various buildings and social infrastructure.

Engineering Business

By combining engineering based on advanced technology and expertise in specialized technical fields with the strengths of a general construction business, we provide comprehensive solutions to social issues and offer "Build + extra" as a new added value.

Real Estate Development Business

We will continue to develop and hold prime properties for lease in favorable locations, primarily in urban areas, and flexibly garner capital gains through the use of private funds, as well as establish a building operations management model.

Green Energy Business

In line with the 2050 Carbon Neutral Declaration, we are pursuing the power generating business with renewable energy, such as solar power, wind power, biomass power, and geothermal power. We are also conducting demonstration projects in setting up supply chains to promote social implementation of carbon-free green hydrogen, both in Japan and abroad.

New Businesses

We promote renewable energy, PPP and agriculture businesses.