We are committed to addressing social challenges
with an eye toward realizing a sustainable society and enhancing corporate value.

Basic Policy

The Obayashi Basic Principles, consisting of the Obayashi Philosophy, Obayashi Code of Conduct, and Obayashi Three Pledges, apply to all officers and employees. We believe that our business activities themselves are the very practice of the Obayashi Basic Principles. We clearly define the Group's social responsibilities, taking account of the needs of our stakeholders and society. Then we work to solve social challenges. In June 2019, we established Obayashi Sustainability Vision 2050 (OSV2050). The Obayashi Group will work to achieve our vision for 2050, realizing the sustainability of the planet, society, and people.

Main Policies and Promotion Framework

Management policies, including the policy on ESG initiatives, is determined by the Board of Directors and each division conducts its business based on that policy. The company has also established individual committees to handle important matters such as corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate ethics, and technology strategy. Each committee pursues its respective initiatives. Below are major committees and their promotion framework

Major Committees

CSR Committee Formulates the basic policy on the environment and other aspects of CSR and measures for promoting activities and review the status of implementation of the Obayashi Code of Conduct.

Head of the Committee: President
Times Committees Held: Once a year
Environmental Management Expert Committee Sets basic policies and measures on environmental initiatives in general, tracks and evaluates results of environmental initiatives under the EMS, then sets targets for subsequent fiscal years and reconsiders our activities.

Head of the Committee: Executive officer responsible for the environment
Times Committees Held: Twice a year
Corporate Ethics Committee Formulates measures to promote awareness of corporate ethics and compliance with corporate ethics, conducts investigations to uncover the facts concerning incidents that violate corporate ethics, and formulates measures to prevent recurrence.

Head of the Committee: President
Times Committees Held: Once a year   
*Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee (chair: officer in charge of compliance) meets three times a year
Raises awareness of crisis management and takes other steps to prevent circumstances that would inflict serious damage on corporate management and corporate business activities or adversely impact society, and takes action to mitigate the damage, should an incident occur.  

Head of the Committee: President  
Times Committees Held: As needed
Technology Strategy Committee Formulate matters related to ICT strategies and important measures and evaluate and disseminate results related to ICT measures.

Head of the Committee: President
Times Committees Held: As needed
Digital Strategy Committee Formulate matters related to group-wide digital strategies and important measures and evaluate and disseminate results related to digital measures.

Head of the Committee: Executive Officer
Times Committees Held: As needed
Suppliers and Labor Committee Formulates the basic policy on supplier guidance and maintaining and improving the work environment for skilled workers who work at construction sites and promotes initiatives.

Head of the Committee: President
Times Committees Held: As needed
Central Health and Safety Committee Promotes initiatives that contribute to prevention of accidents in the work place and to improvement in health and safety.

Head of the Committee: President
Times Committees Held: As needed
Human Rights Awareness Promotion Committee Promotes resolution of human rights issues and awareness of human rights, based on the Obayashi Statement on Human Rights.

Head of the Committee: Executive Officer
Times Committees Held: Meets regularly once a year, and as needed
Career Development Committee Promotes effective training of employees and formulates and promotes measures to develop employees and their skills.

Head of the Committee: Executive Officer
Times Committees Held: As needed

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Initiatives for Sustainability

ESG Initiatives

From the view point of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance),
we are clarifying and promoting initiatives to solve social challenges and realize a sustainable society.
We have issued corporate bonds (ESG bonds) limited in funds to solve social issues such as environmental problems.

In August 2013, Obayashi Group joined the UN Global Compact. We support the ten principles relating to areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. We will promote our business activities with a high sense of responsibility and global perspective in order to promote responsible business to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

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Stakeholder Engagement

We conduct its business activities within the framework of various relationships with stakeholders. To continue being an enterprise trusted by its stakeholders, we will put their opinions and requests to work in our corporate management to ensure we are responding to the expectations and demands of society.

Our Specific Communication Tools

For Stakeholders Main Communication Tools & Details


  • Consistent quality control based on a quality management system provides high-quality buildings, infrastructure, and services that satisfy customers.
  • We provide solutions by developing advanced technology that addresses customers' diverse needs.
  • Our support ranges from formulation of disaster time Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to restoration projects.

Shareholders & Investors

  • By building an effective corporate governance framework, we aim for sustained growth to increase the transparency and soundness of management, as well as for enhanced corporate value over the medium- to long-term.
  • First, we try to sustain stable dividend payouts over the long term. We endeavor to provide shareholders with returns commensurate with the Groupʼs performance, while considering the need to enhance internal reserves so we can further improve our financial base and prepare for the future.
  • In our efforts to maintain close communication, we broadly and equitably disclose timely and important information on our business, while striving to sufficiently disclose information through constructive dialogue.


  • We respect human rights and diversity, and we encourage the creation of a work environment and systems where each employee can exercise their unique character and talents.
  • We believe that a company's growth is supported by each and every employee. We support skill development through means such as our many training programs.
  • To keep employees safe and healthy, we create a comfortable workplace environment while building a support system for mental and physical health.


  • As partners who can grow with us, we conduct fair transactions with suppliers and build stronger mutual trust with them.
  • We respect the human rights of all employees and workers and seek to create a pleasant work environment that promotes their health and safety.

Local communities

  • As a good corporate citizen, we seek to realize a sustainable society and implement proactive initiatives for CSR.
  • While each employee acts sensibly, based on a sophisticated understanding of ethics, they volunteer to participate in CSR activities that contribute to the sustained development of local communities.

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Sustainability Related Data

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Referenced Guidelines

  • United Nations Global Compact (joined in from August 2013)
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • International Labour Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
  • United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs)
  • Keidanren (Japanese Business Federation) Charter of Corporate Behavior
  • ISO26000
  • GRI Standards
  • International Integrated Reporting Framework

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