Civil Engineering

Developing safe and secure infrastructure through advanced technologies

We build infrastructure essential to people's lives, such as tunnels, bridges, dams, riverbanks, railroads, and expressways. In doing so, we contribute to making an abundant society and ensuring safety and security for everyone.

Recently, this business domain has widened to cover maintenance and upgrades, including repairs, and we have been actively involved in extending the life and functionality of existing infrastructure. We have also been leveraging cutting edge ICT such as 3D measurement data and unmanned construction machinery to make steady improvements in construction work quality and productivity.

Net Sales
Operating Income

Net Sales Transition (FY ended March 31)

  • 2021

    JPY 436.4 bn

  • 2020

    JPY 414.2 bn

  • 2019

    JPY 414.9 bn

(Figures are as of March 31, 2022)