Building Construction

Continuing to develop technologies and exercise true craftsmanship

We provide all types of buildings such as offices, condominiums, commercial facilities, factories, hospitals and schools that meet diverse needs including reduced environmental load and energy conservation, comfort and convenience as well as seismic resistance and disaster readiness for securing business continuity.

We have completed many historically and culturally symbolic projects, such as Tokyo Central Station (currently Tokyo Station), Osaka Castle, Japan World Exposition (Theme Pavilion), Roppongi Hills, TOKYO SKYTREE®, and Toranomon Hills.

Net Sales
Operating Income

Net Sales Transition (FY ended March 31)

  • 2020

    JPY 1,268.9 bn

  • 2019

    JPY 1,537.4 bn

  • 2018

    JPY 1,535.2 bn

(Figure are as of March 31, 2021)