Building Construction

Continuing to develop technologies and exercise true craftsmanship

We provide all types of buildings such as offices, condominiums, commercial facilities, factories, hospitals and schools that meet diverse needs including reduced environmental load and energy conservation, comfort and convenience as well as seismic resistance and disaster readiness for securing business continuity.

We have completed many historically and culturally symbolic projects, such as Tokyo Central Station (currently Tokyo Station), Japan World Exposition (Theme Pavilion), Roppongi Hills, TOKYO SKYTREE®, and Toranomon Hills.

Net Sales
Operating Income

Net Sales Transition (FY ended March 31)

  • 2018

    JPY1,535.2 bn

  • 2017

    JPY 1,398.3 bn

  • 2016

    JPY 1,388.3 bn

(Figure are as of March 31, 2019)

Business Policy

  • Realize stable earnings by enhancing competitive advantages in growth markets and areas and providing integrated high-value-added services for buildings, centered on leveraging the Group's total capabilities and global network.
  • Improve productivity by building next-generation production systems utilizing IoT, AI, and robotics, transforming business processes by basing them on BIM (Building Information Modeling), developing labor-saving construction methods, etc.
  • Secure production capacity by improving the work environment at construction sites, developing multi-skilled workers, securing skilled workers, providing educational support, etc.
  • Eradicate major disasters and quality and construction defects by implementing diverse education programs and rigorously applying quality and safety management utilizing ICT.

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Business Environment

  • Strong core-target private sector non-housing investment due to demand for construction spurred by urban redevelopment and infrastructure enhancement ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games despite shrinking government construction investment and private-sector housing investment.
  • Concerns about weakening corporate investment sentiment, mainly owing to Chinese economic deceleration and the new U.S. administration's policy trends.
  • Need to address new markets stemming from technological innovation such as IoT, AI, robotics, and big data.
  • Improving productivity and securing production capacity through production system reforms with an eye to work style reform and securing a workforce for the future.

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Business Strategies

We will work to expand orders in growth areas including the tourism, medicine, environment and renewable energy fields, as well as new industrial domains such as aerospace and marine. We will bolster our ability to make proposals and compete in sales, design, construction and maintenance and management according to building life cycles. Our focus will be on winning construction projects likely to deliver higher added value, such as engineering, smart city, and renewal work, as well as buildings requiring technological development capabilities including smart factories and next-generation data centers.

To improve productivity, we will promote open innovation, teaming up with venture companies, universities, research institutions, and other entities possessing cutting-edge technology. By organically linking innovative technology with our technologies and production expertise, we will work to develop new technologies that facilitate quality, safety, energy conservation, and efficiency. In addition, we will promote integrated use of BIM from planning and design to construction, maintenance and management throughout the Group, targeting even higher productivity. To secure production capacity, we will improve the work environment including by creating a climate conducive to taking vacations and introducing the health monitor system Envital™ . At the same time, we will support the development of multi-skilled workers and hold joint company introduction seminars with our suppliers.

We will remain committed to providing customers with safe, secure buildings incorporating the latest technology, while passing on the expertise we have gained through over 120 years of exercising true craftsmanship to the next generation.

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