Kenji Hasuwa
Representative Director, President and CEO

In January 2021, the Obayashi Group adopted a new brand vision.
"MAKE BEYOND Transcending the art and science of making of things"
These words are an expression of Obayashi Group's desire for the future to advance the technology and knowledge of craftsmanship we have cultivated over our history towards a new level that is in line with the current times and achieve growth that goes beyond the existing business framework.

The spread of the novel coronavirus changed people's sense of values and behavioral patterns while the acceleration in the evolution of digital technology is causing a significant transformation in society and economy. Consequently, we are now facing an era of uncertainty with a future that is difficult to predict. Despite these conditions of high uncertainty, society, customers, investors, and other stakeholders expect companies to tackle global social challenges such as "carbon neutrality" and "well-being" and continue to deal with these challenges to work towards a solution.

Under these conditions, the Obayashi Group has formulated its "Medium-Term Business Plan 2022" which is a five-year plan beginning in fiscal year ending in March 2023. While strengthening and expanding the foundation of the construction business and promoting the innovation of technologies and businesses, we will expand our business portfolio for sustainable growth so as to further the strengthening of our business foundation and acceleration of company-wide transformation.

To contribute to realizing a sustainable society as stated in the Obayashi Philosophy, the Obayashi Group outlines its 2050 vision in the Obayashi Sustainability Vision 2050. Towards the realization of sustainability of "the planet, society, and people," the Obayashi Group will continue to take on the challenge of ceaseless transformation driven by talent and innovation to keep providing a variety of solutions for the sustainability of places where we reside: spaces, cities, and the environment. By doing so, we seek to maintain the trust placed in us by all stakeholders including our customers, shareholders, and investors.

Kenji Hasuwa
Representative Director
President and CEO

Representative Director President Kenji Hasuwa

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