Spam Alert: Fraudulent Email Sent in the Name of Obayashi Group



We have previously reported spam alert notice on November 22, 2018. We have received reports that these emails have still been sent to personal addresses, especially to people in Russia.

These emails are sent from a sender naming Obayashi Corporation Human Resources Division, offering a position at Obayashi Corporation. They ask to provide personal information such as employment record, certificates of education completed, and documents confirming qualification for the recruiting process. Further they request for fees for translating personal documents into Japanese.

These emails are in no way associated with Obayashi Corporation and Obayashi Group companies. Obayashi Corporation and Obayashi Group companies will never do recruiting activities in this way and we do not have any involvement with the individual named in the emails. Also, we do not ask for fees for recruitment related matters.

If you have received these spam email messages, please be reminded that you should never respond to them, and avoid access to any email addresses or hyperlinks if any contained within it.