Selected as "A-" in CDP Climate Change Report 2019



Obayashi is selected as the A- company in the Climate Change Report 2019 issued by CDP (*1), an international non-profit organization. Climate Change Report provides information on performance of climate change countermeasures, and Obayashi is rated as a company performing actively on climate change issues.

Obayashi Group has established its medium- and long-term environmental vision, Obayashi Green Vision 2050, in 2011 setting a goal of a society that is low-carbon, recycling-oriented, and respects the natural world, and has been promoting various initiatives. For more sustainability, we has updated the vision to Obayashi Sustainability Vision 2050 in June 2019 as a Group's long-term vision. The new vision has set forth "decarbonization" as one of the targets for 2040-2050.

As the first step toward realizing Obayashi Sustainability Vision 2050, we promote ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) management based on the Medium-Term Business Plan 2017. Positioning the establishment of environmentally responsible society as one of the six material issues, we are developing business activities aimed at integrated improvement of nature, society and the economy, such as reducing CO2 emissions.

The Obayashi Group will continue to actively engage with all our stakeholders including our supply chain with the aim of realizing a sustainable society and increasing corporate value.
Also, we will endeavor to disclose important information on ESG initiatives such as climate change countermeasures.

  • *1 CDP(Carbon Disclosure Project)
    CDP is a non-profit organization established in 2000 and based in London. It requests top ranking market capitalization companies and municipalities in principal countries to disclose information on climate change, water and forests. They analyze and evaluate these information and discloses to the investors, companies and government.