Obayashi Corporation's 130-year history, "Obayashi Chronicle 130 1892-2021" has been released

Company Profile

Obayashi Corporation, in commemoration of the 130-year anniversary of its founding in January 2021, produced a 130-year history, "Obayashi Chronicle 130 1892-2021" and published it on its website.

The 130-year history of the company is introduced with a focus on the last decade, composed of special contents including various photos and movies that interest viewers.

And to keep North America, the United Kingdom, Asia, and Oceania, regions in which the Obayashi Group is actively engaged, up to date, the company will publish the history in Chinese (traditional), Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian(*1) in addition to English.

*Supported Browsers: Google Chrome (latest version), Microsoft Edge (latest version), Safari (latest version). Internet Explorer is not supported.

Composition of "Obayashi Chronicle 130 1892-2021"

Corporate History: 2011 to 2021 This section provides an insight into the past decade of the company in three chapters based on the Medium-Term Business Plan, focusing on technological innovation, ESG management, and solving social challenges.
A 130-year Heritage This section recounts the history of the company from its foundation and early growth to its 130th year, weaving in some of its most representative projects.
Six Stories These stories introduce major projects under three themes: "Future Vision" for creating new lifestyles and societies, "Recovery and Restoration from Disasters," that is, our mission as a construction company, and "Technological Innovation," the foundation of the company's business.
Global Presence This section provides an overview of the history of the company's overseas business from its earliest days, as well as the projects undertaken by each of Obayashi Group's companies and branches.
Technology Research Institute This section introduces the Technology Research Institute, the company's main research base, with various facilities, including the Techno-Station (the main building), as well as the new technologies and experimental devices that have been adopted there.
Appendix The appendix is a compilation of basic data such as the Articles of Incorporation, financial statements, and technologies developed by the company, as well as a detailed timeline of the past 10 years.

*1 Chinese (traditional), Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian versions are scheduled to be released at the end of March 2022.