Visual process management system "ProMIE™" has been upgraded

Real-time management of work-specific progress for the entire construction project through expansion of features

Building Construction

Obayashi Corporation have further expanded functions of the visual construction management system ProMIE which was announced in July 2021, and it has been updated to a visual project management system as an on-site construction management platform with BIM as its information base, which can be used for managing an entire construction project.

Thus far, when comparing on-screen the BIM model and list of materials, or the plan and actual progress, displays needed to be switched back and forth every time since there was no function enabling display of two screens, which was very inconvenient.

The upgraded ProMIE is now multi-screened for improved operability and centrally manages several constructions within a project in an efficient manner. By arranging access settings according to the users on ProMIE, the construction manager is able to confidently share information with customers, architects, suppliers and subcontractors regarding progress in the manufacturing of construction components and construction progress on-site. It also includes functions such as performing automatic determination of presence (*1), etc. and its level of achievement as a construction management BIM platform has greatly improved compared to the past model.

Features of the upgraded ProMIE are described below.

Vast improvement of user operability with the new multi-screens

The multi-screen feature enables the system to display BIM model and material list side by side, allowing users to check information or compare progress of results against the plan. Users can select between a one- or two-screen display, and further select from among "3D Standard," "3D Plan," "3D Results," "3D Progress," and "List Table." The two-screen display is interfaced and synced in displaying angles or selected materials.

Display 3D screen and the list side-by-side
Simultaneously replay plan and progress of results on a timeline

Able to display performed work charts and graphs; bookkeeping function

The quantities of performed work can be calculated based on quantitative data and results data of BIM model, and displayed in graph or chart. The calculated quantity of performed work can be shared with specialized construction companies, and bookkeeping function can generate performed work forms for monthly invoice process. With streamlining of construction work management achieved by this system, the time required for calculating performed work quantity during invoice process has been cut by about 20% in the sites introducing it experimentally.

Displaying two types of graphs derived from results data
Generating performed work reporting forms

Automatic determination of presence through overlapped display of BIM model and point cloud data

A function is provided that automatically determines presence by superimposing BIM model over point cloud data which is then reflected as an actual result for the date when the point cloud data is acquired. Utilizing this function helps users efficiently and reliably capture and reflect the results data.

Presence determination through overlapped display of BIM model and point cloud data

We will continue expanding functions of ProMIE while promoting improvement of operational efficiency and increasing productivity. At the same time, we will promote ProMIE to help more BIM users utilize this system.

  • *1 Function to automatically determine presence
    By overlapping display of BIM model and point cloud data so that a certain amount of point cloud data contained in the BIM model is included, the system recognizes when materials have been positioned at their specified location and determines presence as a result