Obayashi Established a New Business Company "PLiBOT" to Provide a Wide Variety of Autonomous Mobile Robots and Integrated Control Platforms

Aiming to realize a sustainable society in which humans and robots collaborate

New Businesses

Obayashi Corporation established "PLiBOT," providing autonomous and labor-saving solution with a wide variety of Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) and integrated control platforms. PLiBOT started its business in September 2022.

Business Outline


Realize a sustainable society where humans and robots collaborate


Contribute to society by proposing diverse and flexible solutions by forming an ecosystem with diverse and innovative Robotics technologies

While it is becoming difficult to secure manpower in manufacturing, warehousing, and service industries, there is a high need for labor-saving through automation of operations, but each business site has its own issues. Simply introducing AMR will not produce the desired effect.

Focusing on "connection," PLiBOT could respond to the issues of each business site with high flexibility and with reduced initial costs by realizing following two points.

  • AMRs are connected to one integrated control platform "PLiBOT™" and are managed centrally.
  • Customer's equipment and material information are connected to the same platform for cooperative management.

In addition, presenting a wide variety of AMR such as cleaning and security besides transportation, PLiBOT provides customer-made solutions.

Integrated control platform "PLiBOT™"

Obayashi developed a logistics system connecting AMR and a temporary elevator at a construction site and demonstrated a transport autonomous and labor-saving solution.

With expanding business application besides construction sites in mind, Obayashi concluded a partnership with BlueBotics (Switzerland), which boasts the world's largest market share for navigation systems (ANT®), the brain of AMR. "PLiBOT" is improved system so that multiple ANRs connected to building equipment can be controlled in cooperation.

Compose a business ecosystem

"PLiBOT" can centrally manage not only material transport but also cleaning and on-site monitoring according to the type of AMR and existing equipment. Connecting various state-of-the-art AMRs leads to expand the line-up of solutions. In order to realize this, PLiBOT has formed a business ecosystem with various companies, such as signing sales agency agreements with manufacturers around the world that develop AMRs loaded with ANT, and establishing a maintenance support system in Japan.

In the future, PLiBOT will add a lineup that supports various applications such as security, not limited to transportation and cleaning, and will work to develop AMRs that meet customer needs. Also, PLiBOT will work to support navigation systems other than ANT.

●AMR for heavy objects at hospitals, manufacturing plants and logistics facilities

By operating multiple AMRs connected to elevator, the transportation work previously handled by humans is automated

Karter Kompakt
Oppent EVOcart1

●Wet cleaning robot that performs charging, water supply and drainage fully automatically

Automatic cleaning during off-peak hours like night at large-scale facilities

Cleanfix RA660Navi XL Server

●Jointly developed forklift type AMR

Compatible with Japanese pallets and conforms to high safety standards

Forklift type AMR Pickio-ANT (Sumitomo Nacco jointly developed)

●A cleaning robot that can operate even in harsh environments

Automatically cleans places that are difficult for people to enter, such as dusty work environments

Kemaro K900

PLiBOT Corporate Data

Name PLiBOT Co.,Ltd.
Capital 250,000,000 yen
Head Office 3-2-2 Aoto, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative Masaaki Sato
Founded August 26, 2022
Scope of Business ・Sales of logistics-related software
・AMR import, sales, installation
・AMR contract development integration
・Logistics DX Consulting
・Sales of other logistics-related equipment
Business ecosystem
(Partner companies as of August 2022)
・KEMARO, cleaning robotics manufacturer
・CLEANFIX, cleaning robotics manufacturer
・Karter, AMR manufacturer
・Oppent, AMR manufacturer
・Sumitomo NACCO Forklift Co., Ltd., forklift manufacturer
・FUJI YUSOKI KOGYO CO., LTD., logistics transport equipment manufacturer
・MEDIAWORKS, maintenance supporter
・Technocrat, maintenance supporter
Website https://www.plibot.co.jp/en

The Obayashi group aims to expand business portfolio for sustainable growth. PLiBOT is the first spin-off company from Business Innovation Division as a new business initiative. The group continues to provide solutions to social challenges on sustainability as a new business opportunity with its technology and business innovation.