"Digital Twin App" is Developed to Create Digital Twins for Construction Sites

Establishing an industry-standard environment enabling anyone to easily use 3D models


Obayashi Corporation has developed Digital Twin App, an application that enables easy creation of a digital twin (*1) of a construction site without the need for a high-performance PC or special skills.

A screen on the digital twin app

While the use of building information modeling (BIM) and civil information modeling (CIM) is progressing in the design phase, their use in the construction phase is still limited. In particular, managing a construction site where a digital twin is being built requires the use of high-performance PCs capable of handling 3D models and the acquisition of advanced skills in software operation. In addition, integrating static data such as BIM/CIM, topography, and point clouds with dynamic data on people and construction machinery, and other aspects requires advanced technology. As a result, the reality is that digital twin is only being done on a trial basis at some construction sites.

Applying the concept of the data linkage platform (*2), which was jointly researched with the Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Tokyo, Obayashi built a data integration mechanism with TIS Inc.

And in order to improve the operability and usability of the viewer, this application was developed using Unity, a game engine provided by Unity Technologies Japan Co.,Ltd.

The features of the Digital Twin App are as follows.

Easy and comfortable operation

This application allows users to register and integrate various 3D models and even perform rendering, all necessary for the construction of a digital twin, in a single system, and is designed in pursuit of intuitive and simple operation so that even first-time users can get started right away. In addition, by using the Unity game engine, 3D models can be easily operated and displayed without the need for a high-performance PC (*3).

Easy and comfortable to use, just like a game

Check the site from any location

A digital twin can be created over a network because all data is stored in the cloud. It also reflects dynamic information that changes in real time, so you can check the actual situation on site from anywhere through the digital twin.

Conceptual image of information linkage with the cloud

Sharing and storing of safety-related findings, and others

Any issues discovered during on-site patrols and related corrective instructions can be shared with and confirmed by relevant parties by attaching notes (annotations) on the digital twin.

Attaching note (annotation) function

Obayashi will continue to employ this app at construction sites and improve the app to establish an industry-standard environment that allows anyone anywhere to instantly create digital twins of construction sites. Going forward, the Company will also encourage the use of the app at other general contractors and specialized construction companies to promote DX in the construction industry and help to improve productivity and reform work styles.

  • *1 Digital Twin
    Technology that uses IoT and other technologies to acquire real-world information and recreate the same environment in cyberspace
  • *2 The data linkage platform
    A construction system developed by Obayashi and the School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, for which the proof-of-concept stage has been completed. The system is aimed at improving construction management efficiency through the shared use of various data handled during construction management
  • *3 Projects currently underway mark values above an average of 35 fps (frame rate). fps is a unit that indicates how many images make up one second of video, and is an indicator of smooth motion. One criterion is whether the frame rate is above 30 fps, since the frame rate on a typical Japanese TV is 30 fps