Obayashi Corporation to Establish Procurement Division

Company Profile

Obayashi Corporation will newly establish Procurement Division on October 1, 2023.

The Obayashi Group upholds "Strengthening the Business Foundation and Accelerating Company-wide Transformation" as one of the basic strategies of the Medium-Term Business Plan 2022 and has been working to enhance competitiveness and profitability by increasing capability of delivering additional value for customers and improving all the components and integration of construction business processes (business development, design, procurement, production, and supply chain).

In order to strengthen its capabilities in procurement, including estimate and quantity survey as well as materials and labor outsourcing, Obayashi has been promoting strategies such as building an all-branch procurement network, coordination of procurement of main materials and equipment, and providing support for procurement at all main and branch offices through the establishment of the Procurement Management Office, a department that formulates all-branch procurement strategies, under the Building Construction Division.

Recently, Obayashi decided to reorganize the Procurement Management Office into the Procurement Division, as a headquarters organization that directly reports to the President, to further strengthen procurement capability. The Procurement Division is positioned as an organization that plays the role of procuring main materials, and others, which used to be handled by individual main and branch offices, in addition to handling the planning and designing functions of all-branch procurement, thereby promoting strategic and efficient procurement across the Company.

Through this move, the Obayashi Group will further promote its procurement capability in order to improve its competitiveness and profitability.

Overview of the new organization

Name Procurement Division
Roles Planning and designing functions of all-branch procurement and practical operation of procuring main materials, and others
Date of establishment October 1, 2023
Personnel About 70 employees
Head Shigeru Edatsune
(currently Senior General Manager of Building Construction Division at Tokyo Main Office (responsible for procurement) and Senior General Manager of Building Construction Division)
Edatsune will be promoted to Managing Executive Officer as of October 1 and appointed as the Head of Procurement Division
Location Shinagawa Head Office (Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo)