Obayashi Corporation Has Released Website "Smart BIM Standard®"

Aiming to promote practical BIM utilization globally among all companies in the building industry

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Since establishing BIM Promotion Department at our headquarters in 2010, Obayashi Corporation has been a leading company in Japanese BIM field. Now we are pleased to announce the release of the English version of Obayashi Corporation's BIM modeling rules "SBS (Smart BIM Standard®)," following the Japanese version.

Smart BIM Standard Web Sitehttps://smartbimstandard.com/en

To enhance the efficiency of the entire project process, we have dedicated ourselves to developing no-interruptive BIM utilization from design to construction. In our building industry, standardization and sharing of BIM modeling rules are rarely seen, this has been hindering cross-company BIM utilization among clients, design firms, contractors, manufacturers, and other construction companies. Therefore, we set the goal of implementing BIM throughout design to construction phase and established "SBS" as our BIM modeling standard in 2018. This enabled all project members to understand the BIM models exactly as intended. Since then, we have been successfully applying "SBS" to most of our projects.

Now, we have decided to share these principles and contents worldwide expanding from Japan, believing many people will know our intentions. We hope this release will contribute to invigorating discussions about BIM standardization and reducing barriers to BIM utilization across the industry.

The English version of the "SBS" has the same content as the Japanese version.

We wish all individuals in the industry will understand the concept of "SBS", formulate their own rules based on similar principles, and refer to actual families and templates. The site has a main page explaining the concepts behind SBS and a download page featuring families, templates, manuals, and more with the Arch-LOG service provided by Marubeni Arch-LOG Co., Ltd. (Contents will be continuously added)

With the release of our "SBS," Obayashi Corporation aims to significantly accelerate discussions globally on BIM model standardization and makes substantial contributions to promote BIM utilization throughout all project phases and across the building industry.