Thailand's International Convention Center and Cambodia's National Road No.5 Receive 2nd OCAJI Project Award


On January 23, 2024, the Overseas Construction Association of Japan, Inc. (OCAJI) held the 2nd OCAJI Project Award Ceremony, and the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (Thailand) and the Cambodia National Road No.5 Rehabilitation (Cambodia), both constructed by the Obayashi Group, won the Project Awards. This year, 8 projects were selected from 17 entries. This marks the Group's second consecutive year of receiving the award, following the first year (two projects received the award).

Established in 1955, the OCAJI supports overseas business development in the construction industry, and promotes international contributions, international exchanges and cooperation with other countries. The OCAJI Project Award was established in 2022 to recognize outstanding overseas construction projects, in order to strengthen the presence of the Japanese construction industry overseas and contribute to the promotion of continuous and stable overseas activities.

For this second round, selection was made for projects completed between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022 in the categories of "civil engineering," "construction," "combination of civil engineering and construction," and "development." The selection was based on the eight basic manufacturing criteria: "quality assurance," "construction schedule management," "health, safety and security measures," "natural environment, living environment and biodiversity conservation measures," "work environment measures," "climate change measures," "international contributions," and "SDGs," as well as efforts to address the diverse needs of the customers were also taken into account.

[Construction project]
Reconstruction of Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (Bangkok, Thailand)

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, an international convention center named in honor of Queen Sirikit (now Queen Dowager) of Thailand

The Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), Thailand's first multi-purpose convention center and a longstanding landmark in the country for almost 30 years, has recently undergone reconstruction.

The convention center, spanning a total floor area of approximately 290,000 m², is one of the largest international conference halls in Thailand, equipped with a vast column-free exhibition hall of 110 m by 198 m.

The steel roof structure of the exhibition hall was built with the sliding method to shorten construction periods and reduce labor force.

The QSNCC was chosen as a venue for the 2022 APEC Leaders' Meeting in Thailand.

The exhibition hall is located on the central top floor. It features a vast 110 m x 198 m column-free space

[Civil Engineering Project]
National Road No.5 Improvement Project (Thlea Ma'am-Battambang and Sri Sophorn-Poipet Sections) (Cambodia)

Of the total 366 km of construction, Obayashi was in charge of the 47 km central section from Pursat province to Battambang province

Obayashi conducted the rehabilitation and widening of the existing National Road No.5, the main arterial road in Cambodia (Asian Highway No.1). Of the total 366-km of construction, Obayashi was in charge of the 47-km central section, stretching from Pursat Province to Battambang Province.

In addition to more than 2 million m3 of road earthwork, this large-scale project included auxiliary works such as bridges, roadbeds, and pavements. To maintain traffic on the national road, we constructed a turnaround road along the entire route and achieved four lanes of traffic on the national road, while taking full account of the safety of third parties and environmental measures for local residents.

By providing on-the-job training to local staff, Obayashi enhanced their technical skills, resulting in the completion of the high-quality road one month ahead of schedule.

Under the threat of floods and COVID-19, the company managed to complete its part within the agreed construction period, contributing to improved transport capacity and smooth logistics operations.

Obayashi will continue to contribute to improving societies and people's lives across countries and regions worldwide through the construction of various buildings and social infrastructure.