New Zealand's First Green Hydrogen Fast Refuelling Station Begins Commercial Operation

To develop a hydrogen supply chain in the country


OBAYASHI CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as the "Company," Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kenji Hasuwa) commenced operations of a green hydrogen fast refuelling station in Wiri, a suburb of Auckland, the country's largest city, on June 10, 2024, through Halcyon Green Hydrogen Limited (*1), which was jointly established by the Company and Tuaropaki Trust (*2).

Green Hydrogen Fast Refuelling Station in Wiri

Wiri, South Auckland, is an area where logistics companies are concentrated, and located only 7km from Auckland Airport and 30 km from central Auckland. It will thus enable the station to respond to the future increase in demand for fuel for FCVs and other vehicles in the region as well as for hydrogen-powered aircraft when they become practical in the near future.

The H2H Energy's (headquartered in Australia) fast refueller installed at the station is not only containerized and relocatable, but it can also refuel large vehicles such as trucks and buses in about 15 minutes, which is much faster than refuelling by the conventional simple refueller (*3).

Green hydrogen supplied at the station will arrive from the geothermal-derived green hydrogen production plant owned by Halcyon Power Limited ("Halcyon Power"), a joint venture between the Company and Tuaropaki Trust. The station is the first commercial fast-refuelling facility to supply green hydrogen in New Zealand (*4). A hydrogen production facility is under construction on the same site as the refuelling facility. This will expand the station's ability for the entire process from production to refuelling, enabling it to respond to future demand.

The Company is sure that the Wiri Station interacting with Halcyon Power will help establish a green hydrogen supply chain in the North Island of New Zealand.

To pursue the sustainability of "the Planet, Society, and People" as set out in the Obayashi Sustainability Vision 2050, the Obayashi Group will keep contributing to the realization of carbon neutrality on a global scale.

Many guests attended the opening ceremony of the Wiri Refuelling Station
Ribbon-cutting in front of the refueller
From left to right: Kia Zia (CEO of Tuaropaki Trust), Makoto Osawa (Ambassador of Japan to New Zealand), Gina Rangi (Chair of Tuaropaki Trust), Kenichi Ando (Managing Executive Officer of Obayashi Corporation), Linda Wright (Chief Executive of the New Zealand Hydrogen Council), Simon Bridges (CEO of Auckland Business Chamber and Chair of New Zealand Transport Agency), James Ataria (Deputy Chair of Tuaropaki Trust), Alan Watkins (Executive General Manager of Coregas, Australia's largest industrial gases company and the land lender for the project)

Comment from Simon Bridges, Chair of New Zealand Transport Agency

I was looking forward to attending this ceremony as it is a kind of the intersection of all the things that I value in business: energy, transport, technology, and international connections. The project by Halcyon Green Hydrogen is very interesting, and it is fantastic that Tuaropaki Trust, Maori's top trust organization, and Obayashi Corporation, one of Japan's leading pioneer companies, are working together. I hope that the day will come in the future when hydrogen, technology, and energy become the heart of economic relationships between Japan and New Zealand.

Comment from Makoto Osawa, Ambassador of Japan to New Zealand

We are all aware that addressing climate change is an urgent priority. Many countries around the world, including Japan and New Zealand, are aiming to achieve net zero by 2050.
New Zealand's abundant renewable energy resources present a wealth of opportunities for further development of bilateral collaboration centered around green hydrogen.
Obayashi Corporation has been actively engaged in a number of projects related to the production, transportation, and utilization of hydrogen, using geothermal power since forming the joint venture with Tuaropaki Trust. In terms of transportation, they are working on a pilot project for the export of hydrogen to Fiji with a view to exporting to Japan and other countries. I believe that this kind of commitment to utilising green hydrogen between Japan and New Zealand can serve as a model for the world. The government of Japan will continue to support the promotion of investment by Japanese companies in the field of renewable energy in New Zealand.

Comment from Kia Zia, CEO of Tuaropaki Trust

This is a very exciting day because despite the very many challenges we have faced over the last few years economically and technologically as well as disruption of supply chains, we opened this station today, following the 2021 hydrogen production plant in Taupo.
We will continue making the best use of the knowledge of our partner Obayashi Corporation and all parties involved in the development of this station and work on building an active hydrogen supply chain in New Zealand and other regions.

  • *1 Halcyon Green Hydrogen Limited
    A consolidated subsidiary of Obayashi Corporation jointly established by Obayashi Corporation and Tuaropaki Trust
    Company name Halcyon Green Hydrogen Limited
    Establishment September 13, 2023
    Location Taupo, New Zealand
    Business description Production and supply of hydrogen and oxygen in Wiri, South Auckland
    Shareholder structure Obayashi Corporation: 97.22%; Tuaropaki Trust 2.78%
  • *2 Tuaropaki Trust
    A trust owned by indigenous Maori landowners of New Zealand
  • *3 which is much faster than refuelling by the conventional simple refueller
    The H2H Energy's conventional simple refueller needs seven hours to refuel large vehicles such as trucks and buses, while the company's fast refueller installed at the Wiri station requires only 15 minutes for refuelling.
  • *4 According to in-house research as of May 2024