Obayashi signs agreement on comprehensive business alliance with Aidea

Building Construction

Cooperation in the cutting edge BIM technology will maximize customer satisfaction

Tokyo, March 14, 2012 - Obayashi Corporation (President: Toru Shiraishi) has signed a basic agreement with Aidea Philippines, Inc (President: Abelardo M. Tolentino Jr.) about comprehensive business alliance to reinforce the business system of both companies by BIM (Building Information Modeling) cooperation in domestic and foreign construction projects and by personnel interchanges.

Integrated design and construction process using BIM is recently receiving a widespread attention. It enables all stakeholders such as clients, architects, engineers, and contractors to share building information through the entire lifecycle of construction projects from design to facility management. This leads them to achieve consensus decision early in the process and to ensure higher quality of the building.

In order to further accelerate BIM utilization and to achieve advanced quality control and innovative construction process, it is necessary to accumulate expertise and technical capabilities through BIM implementation in practice.

Aidea has successfully completed its transition from 2D-CAD to BIM in 2005. Since then, Aidea expanded its utilization of BIM technology from design to production, thus improving productivity of the entire process of construction projects and growing a profit while increasing the number of advanced achievements in over 50 countries worldwide including Asia and the Middle East.

Under this alliance, Obayashi will collaborate with Aidea in both domestic and overseas projects as one of its commitment to global expansion by combining Aidea's extensive experience and a variety of effective BIM technology, with Obayashi's various BIM practices in design-build projects and advanced quality control technology.

Regarding personnel interchange, one of Obayashi's architects has already been transferred to Aidea and collaborated with Obayashi Japan in an ongoing project. Obayashi plans to accept and dispatch at least four trainees a year to accelerate the interchanges.

Obayashi will lead BIM implementation as a top runner in the construction business, proactively coordinating BIM utilization in a global perspective and maximizing customer satisfaction with the advanced business process innovation.