The presentation of 'URUP', Ultra Rapid Under Pass, for the British Tunnelling Society


Describe an innovative shield tunneling technology developed in Japan to the world

London, September 20, 2012 - Makoto Kanai, Executive Vice President of OBAYASHI gave a presentation at a forum hosted by BTS.More than 250 audiences had attended.

BTS has a membership of almost 700 individual and over 60 corporate members. It is one of the most vibrant gatherings of professional tunnellers in the world. They invite speakers from U.K. and abroad about once a month, and provide a forum to present recent tunneling projects, new technologies, and current topics.

Mr. Kanai, Obayashi Executive Vice President at the seminar

Mr. Kanai, Obayashi Executive Vice President at the seminar;
He introduced 'URUP' system which is effective for cost saving, reduction of construction time and environmental impact with reducing CO2 emissions and the amount of soil disposal.

Mr. Kanai presented four 'URUP' projects including the Central Circular Route - Shinagawa Line at Oi, Tokyo, Japan. The shaft-less shield technology enables TBM to be launched and arrive at ground level and drive under shallow cover without ground treatment. Mr.Kanai also explained innovative technologies such as the fluid monitoring system, which supports 'URUP' method.

At the Q&A session, a lot of questions had been received. It showed very high interests to construction technology of OBAYASHI. The attendees sent impressions such as "I want to introduce the advanced technology to U.K. from Japan."

OBAYASHI has been contributing to the latest technology of the local infrastructure development for both domestic and overseas. OBAYASHI researches the problems which annoy customers and considers the solutions for the problems. We work to carry out the technical research and development to provide best solutions for the civil sustainability and resilience.