Initiatives Related to Intellectual Property

Initiatives Related to Intellectual Property

The Obayashi Group aims for a sustained increase in corporate value based on intellectual property

Obayashi Group Intellectual Property Policy

The Obayashi Group strives to "exercise honest craftsmanship with superior technologies and create new value in every space," as stated in its corporate philosophy.

We define intellectual property as overall intellectual assets encompassing a broad spectrum of techniques, ideas, know-how, accumulated data, and networks built with external partners, regardless of whether or not they are protected by statutory industrial property rights, such as patent and design rights, being linked together in an organic fashion. We will create and utilize these assets effectively to generate value, in order to ensure the sustainable advantage of our business and contribute to solving social issues.

To the above end, we need to have an appropriate intellectual property strategy to organically link technological development strategies with business strategies. We have therefore established the Intellectual Property Policy to provide guidelines for developing intellectual property activities in an integrated manner, with the aim of achieving a sustained increase in the Obayashi Group's corporate value.


We effectively acquire intellectual property to realize the vision and business strategies of the Obayashi Group.

  • Conserving the global environment and solving social issues is one of our critical missions.
  • However, the resources we have available for this purpose are not infinite, and society is transforming at an unprecedented pace.
  • In these circumstances, to enable the mission to be fulfilled in a sustainable way it is important to ensure the appropriate input of resources and to develop business swiftly to meet social and market needs. It is essential that we acquire intellectual property in an effective way to achieve this. We pursue flexible and efficient approaches based on multifaceted analysis of our corporate business, the related industry and market, and the wider social context, while also promoting internal efforts to develop individual technologies. We thereby aim to boost the Obayashi Group's sustainable competitive advantages.


We make the most effective use of intellectual property so acquired in order to create new value on an ongoing basis.

  • Intellectual property created from intellectual interactions among people must be utilized in order for its value to be truly realized.
  • We explore possibilities for utilizing intellectual property and implement plans for utilization, in cooperation with various external parties as well as our internal business divisions. By doing this, we aim to create new value continuously with a view to ensuring the Obayashi Group's competitive advantages.


In order to ensure the protection of intellectual property, we secure and exercise our legitimate rights to such property while respecting those of others.

  • Intellectual property created from research and development efforts, including those for construction processes as well as initiatives to explore new business opportunities, represents a valuable asset.
  • We respect all inventors. We ensure that the intellectual property rights of others will not be infringed upon while protecting the achievements of the Obayashi Group's inventors and contributions of external inventors. By securing and exercising legitimate rights, we protect achievements resulting from efforts for acquiring intellectual property and ensure the trust of various stakeholders, thereby supporting extensive activities for acquiring intellectual property and creating value.


We communicate with our stakeholders in a comprehensible way about our activities aimed at achieving the Obayashi Group's sustainable growth by creating value through the acquisition and utilization of intellectual property.

  • In order for our corporate value to increase, our efforts to fulfill our mission must be understood and evaluated by various stakeholders.
  • We have a responsibility to respond to such evaluations in a sincere manner and explain our responses appropriately. We thus describe our efforts and achievements in a narrative way and in sequential order so as to show our stakeholders where we are and how we are pursuing our goals.

We promote these intellectual property activities in a bid to achieve a sustained increase in our corporate value.

Established April 3, 2023

Obayashi Corporation

Representative Director President Kenji Hasuwa

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