Erindale GO Parking Structure

Kenaidan has constructed a Parking Structure which is now located adjacent to the Erindale Station of the Metrolinx (GO Transit) in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. In order to build the complicated structure which had beams and slabs sloped in all 4 directions, BIM (Building Information Modeling), the method which uses 3D modeling to increase the productivity of the project, had been used heavily from when the initial proposal was being prepared. By taking advantage of the merits that this Project had been awarded to Kenaidan as a design build one, the Project Team greatly contributed to successfully winning both the International Parking Institute Award of Merit Category II, as well as the Specialty Concrete Applications Award at the 2013 Ontario Concrete Awards.

Facility type Railway / Airport / Harbor,Outside Japan
Location Canada,Mississauga,Ontario
Client GO Transit, A Division of Metrolinx
Design Design Architects : IBI Group Architects/ Engineering : KENAIDAN GROUP LTD. (Obayashi Group), Read Jones Christoffersen
Completion January,2014
Main Structure Reinforced Concrete
Floor Area 6F/ 8,043m²
Parking Spaces 1,740