Port Plus

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This is Japan's first high-rise pure wooden fireproof building completed as the company's next-generation training facility in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. All of the above-ground structural members (columns, beams, floors, and walls) are made of wood, and the building is the tallest in Japan at 44 m (11 stories). The use of wood contributes to a sustainable society by reducing CO2 emissions and promoting the use of recyclable resources.

We have developed a "Rigid Cross Joints" that integrates columns and beams to ensure the same strength and rigidity as steel and RC construction, and we have also prepared for earthquakes and fires by using Omega Wood (fire-resistant).

The building also takes wellness into consideration, and has received the "Gold" rating under the LEED certification, an international system that comprehensively evaluates buildings for their energy conservation and environmental impact, as well as the "S" rank under CASBEE Wellness Office, a domestic certification system that evaluates buildings that support health and comfort, the highest rank under WELL Health-System Certification “Platinum" and WELL Health-Safety Rating.

Facility type Educational
Location Kanagawa,Japan
Design Obayashi Corporation
Completion March,2022