Scope of Business

  1. 1 Contracting of construction works
  2. 2 Regional, urban, oceanic, space, resource and energy and environmental development and other business relating to construction
  3. 3 Engineering and management related to the preceding two items, including research, surveying, planning, devising, designing, and supervising
  4. 4 Development and sale of land, and construction and sale of housing
  5. 5 Sale, purchase, exchange, lease, brokerage, ownership, caretaking, and utilization of real estate
  6. 6 Investments in special purpose companies related to real estate, and real estate investment trusts, as well as transaction, brokerage, and management of the equity contribution related to said investments, and business under the Act on Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures
  7. 7 Operation of type II financial instruments and exchange business, investment advisory and agency business under Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
  8. 8 Planning, construction, retention, maintenance, and management of such infrastructures as road, railway, port, airport, river facility, water supply and drainage, municipal building, educational and cultural facility, waste treatment facility, medical facility, and others
  9. 9 Project of recovering environmental pollution like purification of soil, sediment of river and lake, water-quality of lake and sea; and collection, transportation, treatment, and recycling municipal and industrial wastes
  10. 10 Power generation, supply of electricity and heat, and manufacture and sale of fuels
  11. 11 Dealing business of right of exhausting greenhouse gases
  12. 12 Manufacture, supply, sale, and lease of construction machinery and equipment, materials and equipment for temporary works and general industrial machinery
  13. 13 Manufacture and sale of concrete products for construction, fireproof or nonflammable building materials, materials for interior and exterior of buildings, furniture, materials and processed products for timber construction, and other materials for civil engineering and buildings
  14. 14 Undertaking of diagnosis and evaluation and maintenance and care of buildings and related facilities, and undertaking of security and guard services and cleaning services
  15. 15 Acquisition, development, licensing for use, and sale of, industrial properties, copyrights, know-how and software related to utilization of computers
  16. 16 Operation of information processing service, information furnishing service, telecommunication business and broadcasting business
  17. 17 Sale, lease, and maintenance service of electronic office machinery and equipment including computers
  18. 18 Management of health, medical, sport and leisure facilities, hotels and restaurants, and business of travel agency
  19. 19 Management of facilities for elderly people with nursing care services and business providing home-care service
  20. 20 Manufacture and sale of Medical machinery and tools
  21. 21 Worker Dispatching Undertaking, and fee-charging employment placement business
  22. 22 Undertaking of services relating to general affairs, personnel affairs, accounting matters etc.
  23. 23 Operation of insurance agency under the Automobile Accident Compensation Security Act and of nonlife insurance agency, and services related to life insurance solicitation
  24. 24 Landscaping, gardening, and tree planting
  25. 25 Production, processing and sale of agricultural, fishery, and forestry products and operation of related facilities, and acquisition, development, licensing for use and sale of agriculture-, fishery-, and forestry-related technologies
  26. 26 Business dealing with land, ocean and air transport, and of freight forwarding
  27. 27 Planning, production and sale of information media including advertisements, publications, printing, and videos, and planning and operation of event programs
  28. 28 Money-lending, suretyship on obligations and other financial services, and general lease business
  29. 29 Consulting service related to each item above
  30. 30 All activities related to or incidental to any of the preceding items

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