Response to Declaration of a State of Emergency under the COVID-19 Special Law

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In response to the declaration of a state of emergency issued on April 7 based on the Novel Coronavirus Law, Obayashi Corporation will take following measures, helping to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and protecting the physical, life and safety of people involved in the Group, including its suppliers. These measures will be taken from April 8 to May 6, 2020.

  • Implement telecommuting in principle at following offices:
    Head office, Tokyo Main Office (including Yokohama and Kanto branches), Osaka Main Office (including Kobe and Kyoto branches), and Kyushu branch, which are the covered areas of the declaration.
    * Offices in the Tokyo metropolitan areas are already implementing telecommuting from March 27, 2020. We are announcing to more strengthen and enforce the measures.
  • Continue construction work in the covered areas in principle:
    However, telecommuting is recommended as much as possible. Thorough prevention of infection will be ensured, such as avoiding "three Cs" (Close contacts, Crowded places and Closed spaces) at construction sites. We are allowing employees and construction workers coming to the site at flexible time and having meetings and breaks at different time to avoid three crowds.

In areas other than the above, we are working to prevent the spread of infection by prohibiting business trips to the target areas, recommending telecommuting and allowing employees coming to work at flexible time.

We will continue to do our utmost to ensure health and safety of all concerned.