Registered as a TNFD Adopter


Obayashi Corporation has registered as a TNFD Adopter(*1) who adopts the TNFD recommendations published in September 2023 by the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures(TNFD)(*2). We have now been announced as a TNFD Early Adopter, indicating our intention to disclose information by fiscal year 2025.

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While efforts related to natural capital(*3) have been attracting attention, we have been working through all our business activities following Environmental Policy to create a society respects the natural world based on long-term vision "Obayashi Sustainability Vision 2050" to realize sustainability of the Planet, Society, and People .

In addition, the wooded area in Obayashi Technology Research Institute has been certified as a Nationally Certified Sustainably Managed Natural Site which an application was initiated in 2023. The site will be listed as well as OECM. We are working to preserve the ecosystem through the conservation of natural and artificial habitats, and also developing technologies to conserve biodiversity.

Through the TNFD recommendations, we will continue to build a framework for appropriate assessment and disclosure of risks and opportunities related to natural capital and will aim to realize a society respects the natural world by pursuing to preserve and create biodiversity.

  • *1 TNFD early adopter which intend to start making disclosure aligned with the TNFD Recommendations in their corporate reporting by the financial year 2024 (or earlier) or 2025.(TNFD Early Adopters)
  • *2 The TNFD, is an international initiative to provide a framework for how organizations can address environmental risks and opportunities with the ultimate goal of channeling capital flows into positive action, was launched in June 2021. The disclosure framework was officially published in September 2023.
  • *3 Nature, including forests, soil, water, and atmosphere, as one of the capitals that support the social economy.