Speedy Planning, Design, and Implementation of Construction


Overall Schedule​

We propose the shortest and the best planning from Site selection to the Operation Startup

Find suitable locations for the Data Center by utilizing Obayashi's network

Location Selection Requirements

Power supply must be available

  • Ability to discuss with authority for EHV retraction(*)

    *The timing of the EHV retraction should be discussed with the Electricity company.

Proximity and easy access to the downtown area

  • High transmission speed
  • Easily managed and operated

The location must be resistant to natural disaster

  • Solid ground
  • Low risk of tsunami/flood damage (Confirmation of hazard maps)
Location Selection

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  • Provide one-point service to meet the customer's requirements
  • Provide prompt support to the management team by estimate, procurement, and construction teams
  • Solve issues by forming alliances with highly specialized outside organizations
Organization Chart

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Speedily identify points of Data Center construction sites

Site Survey

Provide information to guide Land Purchase Decision -Making and Tenant Agreement Formation in early stage

Volume Study,Initial Cost Estimate,Cost Agreement

Efficiently reflect requirement specification in planning, working together with design, construction, and cost divisions, based on the extensive experiences

Detail Design,Final Cost Estimate

Timely sharing of detailed design including separate construction coordination and neighborhood liaison, leading to contracts

Schematic Design,2nd Cost Estimate,Contract

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Commissioning (Cx) policy

Commissioning is the process of documenting the building owner's performance requirements for building facilities and verifying that they are planned, designed, constructed, and operated according to those requirements.
In order to meet and facilitate the client's requirements for commissioning, the design team will work with the Cx agent during the design review to prepare Cx plans, verify drawings, and conduct technical reviews. Design team also participates in Cx meetings as needed to ensure the workflow and progress.

test and commissioning work-flow

Level 0: Design Review&Plan
Level 1: Factory Acceptance Tests
Level 2: QA/QC Installation
Level 3: Start UP Tests
Level 4: Functional Performance Tests
Level 5: IST: Integrated System Tests
Level 6: Acceptance&Handover

Commissioning Management Visualization

Tag stickers can be affixed to equipment to verify progress easily.

Tag stickers

Commissioning Team Organization

We believe that early and close collaboration with clients' commissioning agents is critical to the success of commissioning.

Commissioning Team Organization

Approach to Commissioning(Cx) Planning

  • Appoint and provide input to the Cx team in the early stages of the project.
  • Develop Cx plan to support CxA and align design concept with schedule.
  • Hold regular Cx meetings during the design phase.
  • Hold weekely or bi-weekly Cx meetings during construction to discuss Cx implementation strategies.

Commissioning Process (scheule example)

*Commissioning schedule may change depending on the project plan and the overall schedule.

Commissioning (Cx) Schedule Example

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Implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM)

  • We will propose the most appropriate BIM implementation method based on the use and shape of the building and the client's requirements.
  • We provide a BIM cloud that allows 3D models to be shared among related parties and access necessary information from anywhere in a timely manner.
  • 3D Model information+Data Base
  • BIM Cloud

Merit of BIM

  • Share the completion image among the client, designer, and contractor to deepen communication.
  • Easily perform preliminary confirmation of building functions and performance.
  • Expedite decision-making.
  • Can be powerful tools for efficient building management and maintenance.

One Model Style

  • Obayashi's BIM is "One Model Style".
  • One model is created and used in one file for all phases from design, construction, and operation.
  • All information is consolidated and shared/updated by all members of the team to make the work more efficient.
  • The BIM team proceeds according to the steps shown in the figure to facilitate the project.
One Model Style

Examples of BIM implementation in each phase of a project

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