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Total Project Management of Obayashi Group

-Total Project Management-

As a leader in the construction industry with more than 120 years of history, Obayashi Group has accumulated a wide variety of technologies, receiving a high reputation in both domestic and overseas projects. In particular, our Total Project Management in manufacturing facility projects has proven its worth by delivering a short construction period, low cost, and high quality.

Total Project Management for electronic device manufacturing facility

In the rapidly advancing field of electronic devices, the construction of new facility is to produce new products on a new production line and market them as soon as possible. In order to achieve it, projects must often be started before clients have finalized all the required specifications. 

Obayashi Group's Total Project Management with the design-build delivery method is a system that enables flexible adjustment to modifications after the start of the project, which realizes a short construction period, low cost, and high quality at the same time.

Achievement of our Total Project Management, Hiroshima Elpida Memory, Inc.
the world's largest semiconductor manufacturing facility, corresponds to 300 mm.

Total Project Management

Construction management with the design-build delivery method


Utilizing the design-build delivery method, planning, construction, maintenance and management are integrated into the overall project.

Proposed sample of contract scheme

To start up production quickly, we have to start the project without figuring out the number of total cost. To deal with it, Obayashi Group propose a new contract scheme which combines cost-plus-fee contract and lump-sum contract.

Comprehensive engineering management from planning,
design and construction to maintenance


Optimized facility planning and construction technology

  • We select the best frame structure and construction method to meet required schedule, quality and anti-seismic grade.
  • If there are existing facilities in the same site, we will utilize appropriate construction method to avoid interference with production activity.

Micro-vibration control

  • We will realize the best micro-vibration control system for micro-fabrication area with lower cost based on our accumulated database.

Outgassing control

  • We will select the most effective material with lower cost based on our outgassing simulation technology using our database containing a large amount of data of outgassing from material and equipment.

Facility equipment

  • We will construct totally optimized facility whose facility equipment, that should be the core, and building are well coordinated.

Energy saving

  • For energy consuming facility, Obayashi will construct total energy saving system based on our experiences and technologies includes mini-environment concept.

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We evaluate various risks for the planned facility during its planning stage.

 -Risk Management-

Disaster Risk Management

The increasing fears of massive earthquakes, hazards such as tsunami following earthquakes, and floods caused by typhoons are impossible for a company to regard as causing zero damage. However, it is possible to minimize the damage by prior investigations and examinations. Obayashi Group conducts comprehensive and inclusive risk management for natural disasters, as well as man-made disasters, making the best use of the information to design a safe facility for minimal loss.

Natural disaster

  • Earthquake
  • Wind Hazard
  • Flood

Human-caused disaster

  • Fire
  • Explosion,Terror
  • Soil/groudwater contamination
  • Information Security

Examples of visual simulation

  • Simulation of heavy rainfall disaster

  • Distribution of inland active faults

  • Estimation results of building damage

For quick recovery after an earthquake

For businesses in the manufacturing field, the massive damage caused by a disaster means long-term suspension of production. In recent years, various countermeasures have been considered for quick recovery after suspension of the production line due to a natural disaster, especially an earthquake. Obayashi Group sets earthquake resis-tance grades based on the client's Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Medium earthquake (sometimes occur)
→ Normal operation

Large earthquake (occasionally occur) 
→ Complete recovery in one week after suspension of the line

For important facilities, we recommend an earthquake resistance gradeⅢ that aims for the status above.

Obayashi Group's earth quake resistance grade matrix

Japan's first base isolation technology

In recent years, the building base isolation system employed in apartments and hospitals is beginning to be applied in electronic device manufacturing facilities. Obayashi Group developed Japan's first base isolation technology in 1986, and since then, we have developed various base isolation systems.

Various base isolation system devices

As seismic isolation design for microelectronics manufacturing facilities, Obayashi Group will select the best seismic isolation equipment from among others to protect from both strong vibration of earthquake and micro-vibration of usual operation.

  • Rubber reinforced by steel plates performs large bearing capacity and resilience.

  • Repulsive force of disc spring thrusts the sliding surface to generate friction force.

  • Highly rigid steel balls are inserted between steel plates to obtain high vertical rigidity with minimum friction.

  • The flow of viscous fluid, oil, through a narrow orifice in a cylinder with a sliding piston inside absorbs seismic

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We propose an optimal clean room environment for device production.

-Clean Room-

Complete control of micro-vibrations

To cope with not only earthquakes, but also daily micro-vibrations,  We conduct micro-vibration simulations based on extensive experiences and the results of actual measurements accumulated through many projects.

  • Floor vibration measurement

  • Visual vibration simulation

HiCAP for vibration-intolerant equipment

We recommend HiCAP (High Stiffness Compact Aluminum Platform) for vibration-intolerant equipment, such as scanning steppers that require high rigidity in their installation. Since HiCAP is a 600 mm sq. panel, it demonstrates high layout flexibility, which makes it suitable for a clean room floor system. Also, it is easy to install it in an existing clean room and flexibly cope with layout modifications.

Clean air environmen

Obayashi Group pioneered the research and development of atmospheric environments by installing a clean room on our property in 1983. 

In 1986, we completed a super clean room (class1) inside our Technical Research Institute, where visualization of air currents and the analysis and evaluation of outgassing from building materials have been conducted.

Clean Room in the Obayashi Technical Research Institute

Air Flow Simulation Technology

We propose the best cleanroom HVAC system based on the evaluation of visualized air flow by our simulation technology.

Maintenance from the roof space Access ceiling system

This ceiling assembly is composed of HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter box units, lighting fixture units and walkable insulation panel. This assembly eliminates temporary scaffold because ducting and wiring work can be done above the ceiling. It contributes shortening work period because building finish work above and bellow the ceiling can be done simultaneously and also improves maintenance access.

  • HEPA box installation

  • Lighting equipment above ceilling -interstitial space-

  • Lighting equipment-Inside the room-Flat ceiling

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We protect Client's valuable production line
from construction activities.

-Production Line Protection-

Construction vibration monitoring system

Vibration is one of concerns when constructing a new production facility next to an existing plant. With the "Yureban-nin (Patent registered)" construction vibration monitoring system, Obayashi Group carries out the construction while monitoring vibrations on the existing production line.

Construction monitoring system "Yureban-nin"

Simulation Program

Effect of outgases released from building materials in a clean room is significant. Obayashi Group confirms that the permissible values of outgases concentration inside the clean room will be obtained by utilizing our outgases concentration projection pro-gram, Dyna SOC (Dynamic Simulation of Outgas Concentration) . Then, we clarify the optimal amount of costly no-outgassing building materials, in order to minimize the cost.

Outgassing density projection program flowchart from Dyna SOC

Measures to control outgassing from building materials

Since harmful gases, such as organic and ammonia, are being released from building materials in a clean room that has been just completed. We sometimes have to have their concentrations go down below allowable levels and the production start. Obayashi Group is striving for measures to rid outgassing of building materials by developing methods of construction and patented products, making the best use of our continued research and project experiences. We supply a clean room that enables a quick start of production right after completion, in other words, a prompt startup for our clients.

Construction method

Metal forming method
Metal forming method
Radial method (Continuous roof and exterior wall method)

Continuous roof and exterior wall profile of double skin insulated sheet metal eliminates sealing joint between roof and wall.

Building materials

  • Comparison of TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) emission (μ/hr)

  • Sealing agent "Auton Sealer 101CR"

Floor coationg agent "Aica Pur Fabbrica ECO"

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Our services cover up-grade and modification works
for existing facilities. 

-Facility Up-grade-

Earthquake resistance up-grade and control systems to be installed in existing structures.

Major earthquakes are projected to hit the Kanto and Tokai areas in Japan anytime soon. In order to make production facilities earthquake-proof and keep damage to a minimum with no interuption, we propose earthquake resistant and vibration control up-grade for existing facilities. We install earthquake-resistant systems and vi-bration control devices in their optimal locations.

  • Earthquake-resistant system

    Aseismic walls and braces are placed in balance to im-prove building's resistance to earthquake.

  • Vibration control system

    We improve the resistance to earthquake of the total building by utilizing vibration control system which absorbs the earthquake energy into the building.

  • Vibration control brace: Brake damper

  • Earthquake-resistant wall: 3Q-Wall

Partial base isolation system

This is an base isolation system that protects specific production tools from earthquakes. Since this system is applied in minimum areas re-quired, the cost will also be kept at a minimum.

Partial base isolation system

  • Partial base isolation for the floor "Dynamic Floor System

    Total installed floor area 112.635m2 more than 50% share of the base isolation installed in Japan.

  • Large-scale base isolation platform : SEMICON (Seismic and Micro-vibration Control System)

  • High Performance Floor Base Isolation System

    It is able to deal with both usual micro-vibration and large earth-quake.

We help the expansion of new clean rooms

Obayashi Group helps to modify any ordinary rooms into a clean room. Also, even when there is a near-by existing clean room in operation, we execute quick modification construction with-out interruption in the existing production line.

Floor coationg agent "Aica Pur Fabbrica ECO"

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Green company

-Facility Up-grade-

Energy-saving construction system for global environment

Compared to ordinary office buildings, electronics device manufacturing facilities consume an enormous amount of energy. However, by adopting and combining appropriate energy-saving methods, such as cogeneration, it is possible to lower the environmental burden and reduce the running cost.

Examples of energy-saving system at an electronic device manufacturing facility

  • 1 Aggressive utilization of CGS (Co-generation-system) power source
  • 2 Utilization of CGS steam
  • 3 Adoption of high efficiency equipment
  • 4 Adoption of heat recovery system
  • 5 Decreased transportation power
  • 6 Adoption of energy-saving exhaust treatment system
Comparison of ordinary type and energy-saving exhaust treatment facility

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