Initiatives to Human Resource Management

Reaching one's full potential while staying safe and healthy

The Obayashi Group believes that, in order for each employee to maximize their abilities, it is important to maintain good physical and mental health, to respect their peers, and to be able to engage in constructive discussion based on trust. We seek to further strengthen and invigorate our organizational capabilities by creating healthy, comfortable, and open working environments.

Ensuring Occupational Health and Safety

In line with our Health and Safety Principles, which emphasize our resolve to ensure the health and safety of workers and create comfortable workplace environments, we are promoting health and safety activities on a daily basis.

Promoting Health and Productivity Management

Health and Productivity Management Policy

The Obayashi Philosophy promises to become a company that values people to achieve our vision of realizing the sustainability of the planet, society, and people.

Furthermore, the Obayashi Group Human Resource Management Policy places "reaching one's full potential while staying safe and healthy" at the top of the list and we have positioned health and productivity management as a critical human resource management strategy.

As such, we formulated the following health and productivity management policy and we have been working on enhancing our corporate value and realizing the well-being of all our employees and their families.

Health and Productivity Management Policy

For the well-being of our employees and their families, Obayashi Group strives to provide a fulfilling workplace and support initiatives to improve, maintain, and enhance our employees' mental and physical health.

Health and Productivity Management Promotion Framework

The President is responsible for Obayashi Group health and productivity management. The Business Plan Committee, under the Management Meeting, and its specialist team, the Human Resource Management Expert Committee (Director of HR as promotion officer), formulate the policies and strategies. The Health and Productivity Management Promotion Expert Subcommittee promotes specific measures in collaboration with organizations such as the Health Insurance Association for Architecture and Civil Engineering companies (HIA2CE).

The Subcommittee, led by the HR and Business planning departments, also works with occupational health physicians and certified public psychologists/clinical psychologists to propose and implement measures to help maintain and enhance the well-being of employees and their families. These ongoing measures include analyzing employees' health checkup data and making necessary workplace adjustments.

Final Indicators and Targets for Solving Health and Productivity Management Issues

Health and Productivity Management Policy

The management issues we want to solve through health and productivity management are sustainable growth of the company, rich human capital, and maintaining and enhancing the health of employees and their families. We aim to achieve the following four final targets.

  • Improvement in work engagement
  • Improvement in labor productivity
  • Decrease in presenteeism (working while sick)
  • Decrease in absenteeism (sick leave)

Health and Productivity Management Strategy Map:
Mapping out the ways that the effects of health investments connect with the management issues we seek to solve through Health and Productivity Management

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Performance to date on health and productivity management

Performance against "indicators related to health investment measures and initiatives"

Indicators Unit Targets FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Ratio of employees undergoing annual health checkups % 100 99.3 97.7 98.5 98.7
Ratio of employees with long work hours recieved face-to-face guidance by a physician % 100 73.6 55.3 64.3 69.9
Ratio of employees with long work hours received interview % 100 98.0 91.1 90.0 99.4
Ratio of employees received Influenza vaccination % - 44.2 49.6 42.1 33.3
Total number of participant in events and trainings to promote physical and mental health person - 1,076 1,333 1,289 1,251
Number of employees seek smoking cessation person - 9 6 1 3
Ratio of employees completing stress assessment % 100 94.5 94.8 94.2 95.6

Performance against "indicators related to changes in employee mindsets and behavior"

Indicators Unit Targets FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Ratio of employees requiring followup health checkup % - 40.1 38.8 38.7 38.6
Ratio of employee smoking % - 23.7 22.9 21.6 21.0
Ratio of employees who met the metabolic syndrome criteria % - 12.7 12.4 12.8 12.5
Ratio of employees with a predisposition to metabolic syndrome % - 14.3 14.7 14.7 15.2
Average monthly overtime per person hours/month - 38.8 39.0 41.8 37.5
Total number of participant in events and trainings to promote physical and mental health person - 1,076 1,333 1,289 1,251
Ratio of employees who took their annual paid vacation % - 41.9 56.0 46.7 51.7

Workplace vaccination for COVID-19 (including employees' families, group company employees, and partner company employees): 1st session-17,655 people, 2nd session-14,868 people, 3rd session-14,011 people, omicron-1,240 people

Measures and Initiatives

【Implementing Various Health Checkups】

We have been working to achieve that 100% of employees undergo annual health checkups and to increase the rate of employees getting follow-up health checkups (in FY2023, the rate was 98.7% for the former and 69.9% for the latter).

We also offer health checkups for specified workers.

In addition to the standard health checkups, we subsidize (fully or partially) the cost of a comprehensive health screening for employees and their dependent spouses (they must be 30 years old or above).

【In-house Clinics】

We have set up a Health Management Center and a dental clinic in the Tokyo head office and a clinic in the Osaka main office. In addition to general internal medicine, the clinics provide smoking cessation treatment, and test for sleep apnea syndrome and so on. We also offer an external health consultation service by phone or email as part of our disease prevention effort for employees and their families.

【Face-to-Face Guidance by a Physician to Employees with Long Work Hours】

For early detection and prevention of mental and physical health issues caused by long working hours, consultations with doctors and specialists are available in person and online. Based on the doctor's advice, we provide guidance to the employees and take necessary measures.

【Measures Against the Spread of Infectious Diseases】

We have created a guideline to deal with new influenza viruses that will be implemented without delay should there be an outbreak of the virus.

As part of our prevention measures, we offer influenza vaccination every year. We also notify employees of infectious diseases, such as norovirus, to raise their awareness around infection prevention.

In addition, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Group provided workplace vaccinations for all those who wanted them: employees (including temporary workers and employees accepted on secondment), their families, and employees of suppliers and subcontractors. Steps were taken to create an environment to make it easy for employees to get vaccinated, such as establishing a special leave system for those who experienced side effects of the vaccination.

【Initiatives for Expatriate Employees】

We advise employees on overseas assignments to get vaccinated according to their destination to minimize the risk of infections that can otherwise be prevented. The cost is covered by the company.

We have also established a health support system that enables employees working overseas and accompanying family members to seek health consultations via phone or online.

【Activities to Support Employee Health】

Obayashi Corporation Employee's Union and Obayashi extracurricular athletic club host various sporting events. We also provide information on external events via the intranet to improve the employees' participation in physical activities and make them more health conscious.

【Healthy Menu at the Company Cafeteria】

The label on the menu items displays the calories, sodium content, and fat content to encourage greater health awareness from the perspective of one's diet. We also offer menu items using ingredients called sustainable food (*1) such as soy-based meat alternatives and ingredient with Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification (*2) which is gaining recognition as health food.

  • *1 BAP certification
    A certification system that guarantees environmental and social responsibility, health of farmed fish, and food safety throughout the entire aquaculture production chain, from hatchery, feed mill, farm, to processing plant
  • *2 sustainable foods
    Ingredients and food products made through environmentally and socially responsible means

【Mental Health Measures】

Obayashi takes various opportunities to provide mental health care for employees in order to create a healthy working environment for all.

Stress checks are conducted once a year for all employees to improve the consultation rate and promote aftercare for those who take the checks.

We also conduct various mental health training throughout the year as part of the training based on hierarchy such as new hires, young employees, and managers. The training aims to provide the employees with the correct knowledge on mental health issues so they can keep themselves and their subordinates healthy.

The mental health consulting office set up in the head office provides full-time counselors available to offer advice at any time

We have set up a mental health consulting office in the head office to make consultations more accessible. Specialists, certified public psychologists, and clinical psychologists are available to provide comprehensive support for the mental well-being of the employees. They will work with managers and HR personnel to adjust the work environment as needed.

External consultation service can be used 24 hours a day, and we accept consultations by email or telephone for overseas employees and their families as well.

Message from the certified public psychologist/clinical psychologist at our mental health consulting office at Health Management Center in the head office:

We offer consultations and training to help employees stay mentally and physically healthy.
To make our services more accessible, online consultations are also available. When necessary, we will work with management and HR personnel to create a safe workplace by taking steps such as adjusting the work environment. We will also help employees who have been on long-term leave to return to work.
Training for young employees includes self-cognitive behavioral therapy, which allows them to recognize stress and deal with it early.
Management training is more holistic, including learning how to handle unwell employees, how to create a highly reassuring workplace and tips on effective daily communication with subordinates. This is also known as "line care."

【Support for Smoking Cessation】

Since August 2009, we have been offering an outpatient smoking cessation program at our in-house clinics (Health Management Center, Osaka clinic) to prevent health problems caused by smoking and passive smoking. As of July 2023, 184 people visited the clinic for consultation. The rate of successful smoking cessation over the last three years is 63.6%, and the smoking rate is on a downward trend.

Reduction of Work Hours

In the construction industry, reducing work hours at construction sites is an important issue.To correct long work hours, Obayashi has established the Work Style Reform Project Team, a cross-departmental organization, and is making efforts to reduce total working hours by creating an environment and raising awareness for systematic use of leave and reduction of overtime work.

From FY2021, we place a target of 100% achievement of the limit on overtime hours set in the revised Labor Standards Act of Japan (applicable for FY2024) as a KPI, and aim to achieve it one year earlier in FY2023. To achieve the target, we are also raising employee awareness of the issue through online training on overtime hours for all employees and introducing ICT tools, as well as conducting thorough review of work operations and other active work style reform.

Annual KPI Achievement Rate for Overtime Work Hours (FY2022 Results)

Specific Initiatives

poster that encourage employees to take days off

【Encouraging Employees to Take Time Off】

  • Display of posters to encourage employees to take days off
  • Development of various leave systems (such as simultaneous taking of paid annual leave, hourly paid annual leave program, sabbatical refreshment program according to the number of continuous years of work, job site vacation for employees working at construction site offices, a leave program for employees when they are relocated)
  • Development of the environments in which employees easily take days off (designating the days on which employees are encouraged to take paid annual leave, calling attention to adjust the days of annual leave in the workplace)

【Reduction of Overtime Work】

  • Helping Increase Operational Efficiency through ICT
    Obayashi has been endeavoring to meet its target of two-day weekends for employees (closing construction sites eight days out of every four-week period). This requires setting appropriate delivery dates. That, in turn, requires understanding on the part of the customer. Obayashi aims to automate work processes and make them more efficient with less human labor by actively adopting tools using the latest ICT technology. Bold steps we are taking to make work processes more efficient include repeated e-learning about attendance management to raise awareness. Others include simplifying accounting procedures by introducing an expense adjustment system and implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
  • Holding a meeting between the company and the labor union to discuss reduction in total work hours.
  • Holding a no-overtime day, etc.
  • Raising awareness repeatedly through e-learning about attendance management

【Efforts to achieve eight closed days in four working weeks at construction sites】

As a first step to correct long working hours at construction sites, Obayashi Corporation is focusing on achieving eight closed days in four working weeks (104 closed days or more per year) at construction sites, and in line with the basic policy of the Japan Federation of Construction Contractors (JFCC), we are promoting various initiatives with the goal of achieving 100% in FY2024 as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). In order to realize eight closed days in four working weeks, it is necessary to set a reasonable construction period, and customer understanding is also essential. We will provide customers with detailed explanations using brochures, etc.

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Securing attractive diverse talent

We believe that each and every employee supports the Company and so we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in order to continue to create new value. We strive to create workplaces where diverse human resources can fulfill the same role, irrespective of their gender, nationality, culture, generation, or ability/disability. We are also working to hire more talent and to encourage the active participation of our personnel.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

In April 2021, Obayashi established the Diversity & Inclusion Promotion Department to ensure the well-being of employees and to help foster a corporate culture that embraces diverse thinking. This was part of the Company's aim to build an organizational foundation that positively promotes change and the active participation of diverse human resources. The department is tasked with raising awareness among allemployees by distributing messages from the president promoting diversity and inclusion, conducting various training programs focused on such themes as unconscious bias, and implementing office reforms to accommodate diverse employees, such as installing all-gender restrooms and breast milk expression spaces,and others.

Promoting Opportunities for Female Employees

We have been hiring and assigning employees earlier on individual skills and knowledge no matter their gender.

We formulate action plans with numerical targets based on Japan's Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace. Under these action plans, we promote further initiatives to promote women's participation and career advancement in the workplace. We hold meetings for female engineers to share opinions. We are also examining and developing a working environment in which female engineers raising children can work more easily at construction sites.

Some of our female engineers are also working as general managers of departments, project managers and other senior positions. Our ratio of female managers is at a high level in the industry.

Specific Initiatives for D&I

Transition of Initiatives to Encourage Women to Thrive (in Japan)

Year Obayashi's initiatives Society's Trend
1992 Childcare leave system introduced Act on Child Care Leave takes effect
2003 Track-based employment system eliminated
(Eliminated employee classification)
2005 Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation takes effect
2006 Shorter working hours system introduced
2008 Paternity leave introduced
2016 Next Generation subsidy system newly established Act of Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace takes effect
2017 Child raising leave system newly introduced
2018 Introduced childcare consecutive leave system and time-shifted work system for childcare
2022 ・In April, the childcare leave system for childbirth (father's childcare leave after childbirth) introduced in advance (the Act becomes effective in October)
・Obtained Stage 3 (three-star)"Eruboshi" certification
Act on Childcare Leave, Caregiver Leave, and Other Measures for the Welfare of Workers Caring for Children or Other Family Members amended
2023 Expansion of employees eligible for shorter working hours system

Employment of Foreign Nationals and Mid-Career Recruits

Number of Foreign National Employees and Mid-Career Recruits

The number of foreign nationals and mid-career recruits is on the rise yearly for the Group overall. National (locally hired) staff at our overseas Group companies play central roles in management and administration. Going forward, we will actively work toward hiring foreign nationals and mid-career recruits.

Specific Initiatives for D&I

Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities

We promote employment of people with disabilities to provide them with greater work opportunities. Our special subsidiary Oak Friendly Service Corporation, established in 2001, employs persons with intellectual and mental disabilities. Employees work at 11 offices around Japan. Job coaches with specialized knowledge guide employees, who perform jobs that take account of the nature of their disability. The aim is to provide opportunities for independence and a place in society. We also periodically host students from special-needs schools as workplace trainees or for internships, thereby supporting education for social inclusion.

Specific Initiatives for D&I

Senior staff actively involved

To pass on our DNA, "honest craftmanship" and "technical skills" inherited from our foundation, we have a system to provide ongoing employment opportunities for people after they have reached the age of mandatory retirement.

We have maintained a rehiring level of 100% for those senior staffs who wish to participate. These veterans are helping to solve one of the big issues facing the construction industry: how to pass on skills to the next generation.

In April 2023, Obayashi significantly revised the annual salary level for senior workers appointed to such positions as managers with important responsibilities at construction sites. In this and other ways, the Company actively promotes measures to enhance employee engagement.

Specific Initiatives for D&I

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Obayashi strives to encourage a good work-life balance by improving its workplace culture and reforming systems so motivated employees know they can continue to work with no detriment to their career even during different life stages, such as when they have childcare or nursing care commitments. In July 2023, we expanded the eligibility for the shorter working hours system to include those who are raising children or caring for family members and those with a disability certificate, and we made the program available to employees to use the system regardless of their length of employment. We are also working to create an environment that makes it easier for employees to apply for some of the childcare-related systems, for example by digitizing the application forms for these systems.

Support for Successfully Balancing Work and Childcare

We are taking initiatives in providing various systems and creating environments for a workplace where it is possible for employees to balance work and childcare, regardless of gender. In April 2022, we created a childcare leave system for childbirth (father's childcare leave after childbirth) before the system was newly established with the revision of the Act on Childcare Leave, Caregiver Leave, and Other Measures for the Welfare of Workers Caring for Children or Other Family Members of Japan. We are also working to create a workplace environment that enables balancing work and childcare by offering consultation for supporting return to work, corporate parent classes and seminars on returning from childcare leave, as well as setting up nursing areas.

We are also actively encouraging male employees to take advantage of the childcare support system. In February 2022, we endorsed the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare's Ikumen (men proactively involved in childcare) Project and the initiative for companies to declare 100% of fathers taking parental leave. We are working toward a goal of 100% use of annual childcare leave or other leave for the purpose of childcare by male employees by FY2024.

Specific Initiatives for D&I

Measures to Support Raising Next-generation Children

Obayashi formulates and continues to work on action plans as a company for a society in which the children who will lead the next generation of society are born and raised healthily.

Specific Initiatives for D&I

Support for Successfully Balancing Work and Home Nursing Care

As Japanese society ages, the number of employees who are caring for family members while working is expected to increase. We have established various programs to enable employees to undertake home nursing care responsibilities with assurance.

Specific Initiatives for D&I

Promoting Flexible Work Styles

Obayashi is developing and enhancing programs so that all employees are able to choose flexible work styles. In April 2021, we expanded the system so that all employees could choose to stagger work hours and telecommute regardless of reason. We also made it possible for annual paid leave to be taken on an hourly basis. Furthermore, we are creating a work environment to make telecommuting easier such as by preparing satellite offices and shared offices, actively installing ICT tools, and promoting going paperless working.

Specific Initiatives for D&I

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Making everyone enjoy learning and grow together

The Obayashi Group has positioned human resource development as one of its most important measures because we believe that human resources are a key management resource. The Group fosters a corporate culture that encourages employees to view their own work and work environment as an opportunity to grow. It also helps employees take the initiative in developing skills and building their own career path by supporting the acquisition of skills and knowledge and providing development opportunities through such means as training and overseas study.

Training System

Training System

Developing our personnel is essential to the sustained growth of the Obayashi Group. Therefore, we have a variety of training programs. We offer level-specific training based on age and responsibilities, specialist training for specific occupations, and training on the basis of business unit and type of operation.

For the first few weeks after entering the company, new employees participate in group training to learn business skills as a member of society regardless of their occupation.After they have completed the lectures, discussions, or other group work, they are divided by type of occupation and learn specialized skills.

Associate-level employees run through the PDCA cycle in their workplaces over the course of one year to achieve growth suitable for each individual. We expand the skills of each person by appointing a mentor in the same workplace to provide detailed guidance that will enable each person to steadily acquire basic skills and knowledge, techniques, and other capabilities.

We also provide external common group training, or training divided by business domain or area of work for all levels to provide our employees with the knowledge and skills necessary at each level.

Development of Global Human Resources

【Overseas Study Program】

We have established a program for supporting study abroad at schools research centers, foreign companies, and other overseas organizations to develop the skills of young employees and mid-career employees. Employees who have studied abroad are active in overseas departments and in various areas.

【Global Leadership Training Program】

Since FY 2013, as one of our priority measures to develop human resources in response to global expansion, in addition to overseas study, deployment to overseas companies, language training, etc., we have been implementing the "Global Leadership Training Program," a training program to systematically learn the basic knowledge required for global business. In this training, participants learn the business customs of each country, management methods for overseas local staff, risk management, and other know-how. From FY2023, we are focusing on expanding training programs, such as incorporating the beginner-level training program, which was previously conducted on a selective basis for personnel with a view to working overseas, into level-specific training for younger employees.

Various Types of Training Programs

We are actively working toward enhancement of education such as with training for mid-career recruits and locally hired staff and for developing digital-related human resources to take the lead in DX. Other initiatives include diversity & inclusion training, unconscious bias training, self-leadership training, etc. which are types of training conducted to encourage awareness elevation among employees.

Initiatives to help employees develop skills independently have been underway since FY2022. These initiatives include the holding of various workshops on improving productivity by looking at how employees conduct their work and communicate, in addition to seminars on career support and online self-learning programs that offer employees the opportunity to learn new or different skills.

Nurturing Mid-career Recruits

We give our mid-career recruits education on various personnel programs, information security and human rights regardless of their occupation when they join us. After that, we divide them by type of occupation to give them the education they need.These educations help them to play active roles just like employees who joined as new graduates.

Nurturing National Staff Overseas

We offer a program of hands-on training for national (locally hired) staff at overseas Group companies. The goal is to enable national staff to learn our latest construction technologies and safety management measures.

Supporting Employees Seeking New Qualifications

The Group extends proactive support to employees seeking to gain new qualifications so they can acquire further expertise, independently progress their careers, and be motivated to improve themselves. We have set incentives for each business segment, area of responsibility, and type of job, and cover a portion of the cost of learning materials and examinations. We are also working to improve the number of employees seeking to acquire priority qualifications that are particularly important for our management and business operations. Systematic progress has been made in this area. In addition to financial rewards for passing exams, allowances for priority qualifications were also introduced in FY2022.

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Dynamic individuals, effective teams

The Obayashi Group strives to maximize the performance of individuals and organizations and, as such, seeks to assign the right person to the right job based on the abilities and aptitudes of each employee and the career paths they choose. We also share our vision and goals with all employees to help create a workplace in which all employees can feel motivated and satisfied in their daily work.

Assignment of Right Person to Right Job

To further advance our human resource management, we introduced a talent management system in March 2023 that is designed to encourage employees to systematically build their careers and develop their skills, as well as to optimize the allocation of those human resources.

The system enables us to gain a good understanding of the skills acquired through work experience by visualizing each employee's detailed work experience and qualifications, and enables us to assign the right person to the right job. Employees can also use the system to get an overview of their own experience and skills, enabling them to draw up career plans for discussion in personnel interviews and other settings.

Increasing Engagement with Employees

In accordance with the Obayashi Group Human Resources Management Policy, we are implementing various initiatives to improve employee engagement. Since FY2023, we have set "achieving 70% or more of employee satisfaction" as a KPI. Based on the idea that a state of high engagement means a state of positive organizational vitality, we conduct engagement surveys of all employees and evaluate their effectiveness by calculating the "employee satisfaction level" from the survey results (employee satisfaction level in FY2022: 78.4%).

We share our vision and goals with all employees and provide opportunities for dialogue with management to ensure each employee can concentrate on their work with a clear awareness of the Group's goals. The president and other members of the senior management team visited all our branches when our brand vision and Medium-Term Business Plan 2022 were created to explain the details and engage in dialogue. In November 2022, we held Medium-Term Business Plan 2022 live meetings attended by the president and mid-career and young employees to deepen support for the plan and the ideal future structure and aims of the Group. The meetings were also streamed webinar-style, and attracted a total of over 500 employees. Employees shared their opinions on the philosophies and policies they could get behind, the significance of the Group and its social role, their reasons for working, their dreams for the future, and other topics.

The Medium-Term Bussiness Plan 2022 Live Meeting

Also, to reflect the views of our employees in improving the various personnel systems, we conducted various surveys on all our employees and held conferences with our employees union to improve engagement. The survey results were published in the internal newsletter and on the intranet so that our all employees can check them.


Survey name Survey results etc.
Employee Satisfaction Survey[FY2022] Response rate: 92.6% (9,199 out of 9,929 people)
Survey content:
Survey of organizational vitality (engagement) with 52 questions linked to six indicators: "purpose/mission," "goals," "work," "learning/growth," "teamwork," and "human relations."
Feedback of survey results:
Analyzed the organizational type based on the survey results of each organizational vitality indicator, and calculated the overall evaluation results as the "employee satisfaction level." Communicated the results to employees via the intranet.
Fact-finding Survey on Harassment (Including a Level of Happiness Survey) [FY2022] Response rate: 62.1%(8,856 out of 14,254 people)
Survey contents:
We conducted a survey on whether our employees had experienced or observed harassment within the past year and what was said and done at that time. We held interviews with all employees who requested an individual consultation.
Feedback of survey results:
We analyzed the characteristics and background of harassment. We are now giving education with e-learning to all employees in addition to manager training. Moreover, we are providing information to employees on the Intranet and the Monthly Obayashi internal newsletter.
Opinion Survey on Benefits Programs [FY2023] Survey contents:
We conducted a survey on opinions and requests relating to the benefits programs in general.
Feedback of survey results:
・Expanded the scope of employees eligible for the shorter working hours system (removing restrictions on the length of employment and adding those with disability certificates) and digitized application forms for some childcare-related systems.
・Added "a person who is in a de facto marital relationship," whether of the same or opposite sex, to the definition of "spouse" in the rules for benefits, etc.

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Rewarding contribution to the company

The Obayashi Group rewards employees who contribute to the Group's business performance and medium- to long-term growth in a timely and appropriate manner, and strives to maintain and increase the motivation of employees. Ensuring that employees are treated appropriately based on fair and equitable personnel evaluations is the bedrock of our personnel system. We have also established various internal award systems to honor and reward the contributions employees make to their organization. In addition to awarding employees, we offer special commendations to recognize efforts and achievements of people outside the Company.

【Major Internal Awards for FY2022】

  • President's special commendation: Honoring COVID-19 measures team
  • Work Style Reform Award: 16 construction sites
  • Safety and Quality Distinguished Service Award: 25 people

Fair Personnel Evaluation

The foundation of our personnel management system is fair pay and benefits based on fair personnel evaluations. Personnel evaluations are conducted every six months, with managers and subordinates discussing targets and achievements in detail. To ensure transparency and acceptance of the personnel evaluations, the system allows employees to check their final evaluations. Our personnel system makes no distinction between men and women with regard to the assignment of roles, promotions, and compensation and benefits. Our employees actively demonstrate their individual capabilities.

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